Outland Walkthrough Level 30 - Sky - The Mist-Shrouded Forest





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Uploaded on May 18, 2011

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Use this walkthrough of The Mist-Shrouded Forest in Outland to make it safely through the forest, battling the many giant creatures here. If you can reach the end, you'll move on to the Dark Fortress.

In the forest, head right, and battle a
gigantic red spider. A bit further on, use the launch pad below to
reach the Mark on the right, and keep yourself safe from the spikes
that line the whole floor of this chamber. You can use the exploding
bugs directly above to take out the first few enemies to the right,
which is worth doing, since one of them is a giant warrior. Go right,
battling more warriors. For the one on the platform beneath the red
font, time it up so the energy isn't on the platform and the
warrior's back is turned, then get over there, shove him off onto the
spikes, and switch to red before you get hurt. Just to the right, hit
a checkpoint, and a switch. Now return to the platform where the two
exploders were hanging out earlier.

Use the red platform, coupled with
careful wall-jumping and no switching, to reach the top of the
passageway above, and make your way to the left to claim another
Mark. Watch out for the crawlers, and the large spikes, on your way
there and back. Then head right. Up ahead, take out a few warriors,
then jump across the ladders, beginning with the one on the right,
switching when necessary. Watch out for spikes above you here. Use
the launch pad above, then the next series of them, avoiding the
spikes here by carefully aiming and switching. You can find some
treasure by taking a quick detour to the right, then up and around to
the left. Then head down and right. Watch out for the giant flying
beasts down here, and giant jellyfish too. Use the beam if at all
possible on the latter. Work your way to the right, jumping past the
multicolored fonts ahead; watch for spikes to shoot out of the
platform right before the fonts. There's treasure all the way to the
right, past some warriors. Use the red descending platform to head
down to the lower level, and head right. Jump up to the platform
above you, and over to the launch pad far to the left; launch left to
garb the level's third Mark, then jump back to the right, and
continue in that direction. Wall-jump up to the two platforms ahead
for some treasure, then throw the switch here, and head back to the

Stay blue as you move across the area
at the far left, timing your movements to avoid the red fonts, taking
out the jellyfish with beams or other means. Ride the blue platform
up, and head right. Use the launch pad just past the fonts to go
straight up, and wall-jump the rest of the way to the top. There's a
treasure jug to the left, past a few warriors. Head right to find the
gate out of here.

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