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Published on May 9, 2012

~ House Of Remember ~
~ At The Hospital ~
~ Continued ~
Nina: I want to go home NOW.
Doctor: Well someone needs to bring Patricia home.
Joy: I will.
Doctor: I think it needs to be someone she remembers because it my scare her a little.
Mara: Before we go can I speak to you in private for a minute Doctor.
Doctor: Sure?

~ The Doctor And Mara ~
Doctor: What can I help you with Mara.
Mara: Is there anyway we can help her remember her friends back in there.
Doctor: Well I have been told before that the people she has forgotten will have a memory with them that can help Patricia remember.
Mara: I don't get it.
Doctor: Do you have a memory of You and Patricia.
Mara: Yeah when I first came here people bullied me and she gave me a teddy and said that it will protect me we were like 9.
Doctor: Good so if she had forgotten you and you showed her that it will probably make her remember.
Mara: So I need to find objects that will help Patricia remember Nina, Joy And Jerome.
Doctor: Yep...Now Bye * Leaves *
Mara: Bye.

~ Waiting Room ~
Mick: Fabian, Alfie, Amber, Mara you coming to get Patricia.
Fabian: Okay...Nina take my car home we will go in Mick's * Gives her his keys *
Nina: * Kisses him * Bye.
* They Leave *
Jerome: I can't believe she can't remember me.
Joy: Me too.
Nina: Let's go home.

~ At Anubis House ~
( Mick, Fabian, Amber, Alfie, Mara and Patricia have just got back the others are still on there way back )
Fabian: How are you feeling Patricia.
Patricia: Fabian you have asked me that 10 times now.
Fabian: Sorry.
Amber: Are you sure you don't remember Nina, Joy And Jerome.
Patricia: I don't remember Nina And Joy but I swear I recognized Jerome's name from somewhere.
Nina: * Walks through the front door * We're back.
Mara: Hi guys.
Mick: * Hugs Joy *
Nina: * Hugs Patricia *
Patricia: * Pushes away * I don't mean to be rude but who are you?
Nina: Oh...I'm Nina.
Patricia: Your American right?
Nina: Yeah.
Patricia: * Turns away from Nina *
Jerome: * Taps Patricia on the shoulder * Hello there I'm Jerome.
Patricia: Jerome...Hi nice to meet you.
Joy: I'm Joy.
Patricia: Hi...I'm going upstairs to lie down Bye * Leaves *
Fabian: Guys.
All: What?
Fabian: I know why she can remember Jerome's name.
Jerome: She can remember my name?
Alfie: Yeah she told us.
Fabian: Anyway...I read somewhere that you can get some cases when somebody loses there memory but they remember the last thing they said before the accident happened.
Mara: So the last thing she said was Jerome?
Fabian: Exactly.
Mick: Have any of you noticed that she is wearing the ring and necklace Jerome gave her.
Alfie: Yeah why would she put them on i she doesn't know who gave them to her.
Nina: Maybe they just felt special to her.
Joy: Maybe.

Next Time:
1) Mara try's to get Patricia to remember Joy.
2) Patricia starts being horrible to Nina.
3) Eddie arrives at Anubis House.

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