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Published on Apr 19, 2012

CheemoBettas presents Harvey - Halfmoon male Betta

(look below for info about this fish, his aquarium and the Marimo Moss Ball)

This video is now his memorial, Harvey passed away due to Dropsy 8/31.

This video shows Cheese's boy, Harvey and his Marimo Moss Ball. Harvey was purchased at PetCo 4/01/12 and his Moss Ball was purchased at PetSmart late last year.

Harvey is a Halfmoon male Betta fish, currently Cheese has 5 Halfmoons, all in 2 1/2 gallon aquariums or larger. Harvey was named after the Harvest Moon phase. Harvest - Harvey, get it? No? It's okay. :)

He lives in a 3 gallon Marineland Aquarium. This aquarium came with a Whisper filter that is good for up to 10 gallons. Since there is only one fish, who doesn't create a large bio-load it was replaced with a Tetra Whisper Filter that is good for up to 3 gallons. This filter creates less wind in the water so it's easier for a fish with alot of finnage like a Betta.

The Marimo Moss Ball shown in this video was purchased at PetSmart awhile back. You can also find these quirky little things at PetCo (and probably a few other fish stores as well). A Moss Ball is just that, a ball of moss! It's a great way to introduce yourself to live aquarium plants as they are very hardy and easy to take care of.

Marimo Moss Balls go great in Betta tanks (filtered or non-filtered, though we always suggest to have a filtered tank) as they give your fish something to play with and act as a natural filtration system. Betta fish love to rub themselves up against these soft little balls of moss and many will even nip at them to show it who is boss. Occasionally your Betta might even flare up at the Moss Ball and dance for it, which is always cute and funny.

These Moss Balls are super easy to take care of, you can feed them once a week or once every other week. Every once in awhile (every other week or so) we suggest you take your Marimo Moss Ball out and rinse it under some cool water, lightly squeeze it (they are very spongy) to get out any gunk it might have collected since last time. This is typically the best time to feed it as well if you don't like to dump a cap-full of plant food into your aquarium. Our favorite way to feed these things is to get a dropper or a needle-less syringe and fill it with plant food. You can then take the dropper and stick it into the Moss Ball's "belly button" or "mouth" (most balls have a little opening somewhere where they were rolled into a ball from flat moss) and let the food in there.
You can also fill a cup/bowl with water and add the plant food in there, hold the Moss Ball under the water and squeeze so it absorbs the water and the food.

Once you're done feeding take the Moss Ball back to the aquarium and hold it under water and squeeze it once more so it absorbs the tank water so it'll sink back to the bottom. Don't be alarmed if it doesn't sink right away, sometimes it might take awhile for it to go back to the bottom.





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