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Published on Sep 4, 2012

Hey Nation. I love your faces :) Thanks for watching my Tuesday Show

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In today's show we talk about Michael Clarke Duncan, a woman in Turkey being a bad ass, the DNC, easy mode ruining video games, and everything else that mattered to me.

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ALL of today's Stories:

Michael Clarke Duncan Passed Away:

BAMwtF of the Day:

Kal Penn Hosting the DNC:

Federal Punishments for Marijuana:

The Government is Monitoring your Torrents:

DragonCon Galleries:

Does Easy Mode Ruin Games?

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Comments • 14,157

Tobias Valasquez
Legalize and tax everything and put that tax money into education and healthcare.
eggplant iguana
some people want to just play games without having to put hours into one single part.. having adhd i dont want to or can sit there and do that my patience is not that of a gamer and when i play video games i want to just play it for fun and if i need to turn it on easy mode to do so then i will!! :p I agree that some easy modes are ridiculous but yeah.
I think that pot should be legalized. But it has to be regulated in the same way alchoL is. But people might be concerned that it will be easier for minors to get. True, minors will be able to get it easier but they would still be able to get it even of it were illegal.
james baron
Phil talking about witches two is my experience with undertale
I play easy mode first for the story because I'm a big rpg fan but then after I'll go back and play it on a harder difficulty. When it comes to an fps or something with a less involved story I'll jump straight into the harder difficulty.
Juan Rants
well Obama has been dealing with a Republican Congress so fo course he hasn't been able to have it more legalized, he has to deal with the same people who denied his SCOTUS justice pick despite the fact they agrees he was right for the job years back when asked about him
I think that pot for sure should be legal, 2012 Phil! Make it like smoking or booze. It's taxed and regulated, and hell, maybe it even has those "Here's a picture of a rotten green lung this one pot smoker got once" deterrents like smokes have on their packages. As for harder drugs, I'd say to like, regulate them. And hard. Give heroin or meth addicts or whatever a safe place to get their high, dose it out so nobody dies, and give them mandatory counselling and stuff so you can (hopefully) help them to ween off or switch to a drug that's less harmful. Because all jailing them does is fuck up their odds of getting a normal job. Which means they're way more likely to fall into a habit again. As for easy modes and cheats in a game, I'm the type who'll often take them. I like to try normal mode first, but my co-ordination and reflexes aren't that great. And I'd prefer to avoid the extra frustration- especially on super story heavy games. I still want to blow away baddies, but I don't want to spend hours replaying through a boss again and again to get the next cutscene.
UPDATE: The Turkish woman who beheaded her rapist was given a life sentence. She had the baby (in jail) and immediately gave it up to the state as she wanted nothing to do with it. Activists are fighting for her freedom.
Pickle Rick
in some countries they make addiction to some hard drugs an illness and that brings down jailing and helps people a lot
Double S Plus
easy is fine but god mode GTFO!
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