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Mario Kart Wii - Incendia Castle (Custom Track) by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz

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Uploaded on Apr 13, 2010

One day, I was sitting in front of my computer pondering the meaning of life, when I suddenly burst out with "I want to build a castle!" Now, I'm a reasonably smart guy. I realise that I'm too scrawny to haul a ton of concrete blocks to a good size plot of land and build a fully fledged castle before I die, plus I haven't the foggiest idea about how to go about obtaining planning permission. BUT. I cast my gaze across my computer monitor, and there on the desktop... the SZS Modifier! So I decided to build a castle for Mario Kart Wii instead. Cause castles are awesome, no?

Anyways. This took a long time, by my standards. I worked on this for around 4 days solidly getting it right, and it's still got glitches in places. I'll go into detail of the ones I know about a bit later :P Anyways, I'm glad I put my effort into this, cause the result is fantastic. I decided that I would create a track where you physically cannot take the same route all 3 laps, and I didn't expect it would ever work so well; even the CPUs can drive it without getting too lost. I had this idea a long time back, but never put it into use until now. The result is what you see here ;)

One feature used here that's not been in a CTGP track before is a cannon. On laps 2 and 3, you are required to use it to escape the underground passageways. I didn't originally intend to use a cannon, but the layout was not going to work for a slope, so I decided to put one in to keep things interesting. I have to thank Chadderz for making a version of Grumble Volcano that has a cannon, heheh.

Please ignore the background music, it's leftover, I didn't change it :P

If you're wondering how I managed to make all 3 laps different, you should try the track for yourself and see. Let me say, it took a lot of KCL files, for those who know what they are :P More thanks to Chadderz for altering the KCL editor to write freely to any KCL in the file, that feature will most likely be in the next SZS Modifier update ;) Odd, but useful in a design like this.

Sooo. The video itself is of 12 players all together on WFC (one of them's me, surprisingly, I'll be the one you see the most, that's for sure!) all racing the track's many passageways. A perfect turnout, and a good set of races indeed. This video is of the first two races. If you're wondering what happened afterwards, I got shoved down to around 3rd place by the end of the last race, I think. Mainly due to stupid mistakes I made, heh.

If you're wondering about the word "Incendia", it means fire in Latin. Well, technically, building on fire. But it's good enough here, this place has lava, right? Must be pretty toasty inside.

Anyways. If you want to try this track yourself, you should come here to find my custom track distribution, CTGP Revolution: http://www.mariokartwii.com/f99/ctgp-... where this track, along with over 150 other custom tracks from various authors can be downloaded and installed onto your Wii, and played online.

Known glitches:

Break through the walls: Sounds like something from an N64 game. But you can do it, especially if you hit a corner with enough speed. This is a design flaw in how I built the walls and is very hard to correct, I wouldn't like to try it, but if it starts opening glitchy shortcuts then I will. Under normal play, you're really unlikely to break through a wall even if you hit it full speed, so don't worry.

Lag flames: If you approach the flames left by the massive piles of burning bricks when they hit the ground, the game will lag. This is correctable, and if I release an RC2, they'll no longer lag.

Harmless flames: Glitchy flames, eh? If you go through the fire, sometimes it will not hurt you. No idea how to fix at this time.

Overlapping textures: Hard to avoid, but when patching holes in the walls, sometimes I accidentally put two models on top of each other, the result being a weird flickering effect on the wall where I did that.

Anyways, enjoy the video!

Incendia Castle (RC1) by MrBean35000vr and Chadderz

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