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Published on Feb 23, 2008

Watch the 720p HD remake here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXl3T9...

An artistic view of the marks left on our skies by high-flying jet aircraft. Sometimes annoying, sometimes spectacular, their motion is often easier to appreciate when sped-up by the magic of time-lapse photography.

These scenes were selected from over 700 sequences, captured in the skies over Santa Clarita, California during the years 2006-2008.

The soundtrack is "Stitching the Sky" from the "TimeShift" CD by Technician (yours truly), album and single track available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tim... full artist discography and CDs available at HTTP://technician.jcmdi.com

Riva stereo FLV encoding parameters for video: 270kbps, 30fps; audio: 64kbps, 22khz stereo.

The video is slightly degraded (more than the usual YouTube mono encoding) due to the added bandwidth taken by the stereo audio, but I think the music is worth it.


About jet trails - fact and speculation
(You decide which is which!)
The exact composition and effects of jet trails (also called "Contrails", "Chemtrails", and "Aviation Cirrus") are somewhat controversial. Observation indicates that on days when the upper atmosphere is dry, jet trails can evaporate quickly (known as "Contrails"). But when the atmosphere contains higher humidity levels, jet trails can remain in the sky for hours or days (known as "Chemtrails"), as their particles (aerosols) provide man-made nuclei for combustion-produced, and pre-existing atmospheric water vapor to condense and freeze upon.

Natural atmospheric conditions/air movements can be extremely dynamic, causing these artificial clouds to expand, grow, and twist into many shapes which often become unrecognizable as jet trails over time. Mutant jet trails can resemble natural clouds or may cover the entire sky in a soupy haze. Trails may start and stop abruptly, be fat or thin, and evaporate quickly or not at all, with any combination thereof, as aircraft travel through atmospheric areas/layers which may be completely different within as little as 500 feet from each other.

Jet trails are known to contain a great deal of water vapor (H2O), with smaller amounts of CO2, CO, NO, NO2 (and other gases), unburned hydrocarbons/particulates (aerosols) of carbon and other material. Even more compounds may be created by combustion of aerosols and gases already present in the atmosphere.

Additionally, aerosols created by combustion of any fuel contaminates/additives in the fuel system are also likely to be present in jet trails. Chemicals such as Diethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (an anti-icing agent), barium t-octylphenol sulfide (an anti-oxidizing agent), barium-based biocides, fuel stabilizers and many other additives are possible. Aluminum oxide from microbe/moisture-related corrosion of aluminum aircraft fuel tanks may also be present (all of which are speculated here).

Commercial cloud seeding (silver iodide crystals, etc.) and government/scientific weather modification experiments are well documented, but such programs are likely to be small scale and not generally visible to the public on a daily basis as we are seeing in our skies today.

The intentional spraying of aerosols for geo-engineering, and toxins for subversive purposes have also been speculated, but the vast majority of world-wide trails we see are more likely the result of large-scale corporate money-making activity, i.e. the huge number of high-altitude commercial flights each day, rather than global black-ops programs intended to tweak the weather or intentionally harm the entire human race (which, incidentally, would also harm all the conspirators and their families).

In any case, jets trails are not harmless. These man-made clouds have been shown to alter and pollute our atmosphere in many ways. The exact chemical content and atmospheric physics of jet trails are still evolving sciences, and much is being learned. There is a great deal of fact and much speculation available online for us to study and contemplate. All who are interested are encouraged to further seek and study the problems and concerns associated with this man-made phenomenon...


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