Kim Clement - Inverted 5-point stars out of circle of light?





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Published on Jun 15, 2008

1 Tim 4:1
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

In a Kim Clement Concert in 1997 on TBN
Kim takes his crowd to a higher level. He chanted: "God be better", "We want a greater word", "we want to act on unaccountable impulse", " a radical revelation". Addressing his mostly female audience, he chants over and over: "I'm going to provide for you in a very special way.. "; "I'm giving you the spirit of the Lord .. without reasoning or intellect... " "Here is the mind of the spirit.. exclusive religions are pontificated garbage.. " Chanting: "Division Babylon division .. we removed the spirit of division [he said the God created division at Babylon]" He kept repeating rhymes with "stupidity" such as stupidity of "when Jesus is coming back." He states the opposite of what Scripture teaches. He wants people to be radical. "Prophets bring images that burn.. "Break the corruption of religion!"

"Plunge into the slums of the heart and meet Jesus." "Go to the higher places - Jesus dwells in the slums of the heart. Kim related that he wasn't happy in church and he told God that isn't himself as a preacher and God made him Kim Clement. [The way he portrays himself is God's fault in other words.] Still chanting: "There is a message in my madness. If you don't accept me you have lost your liberty!"

The crowd goes into a frenzy. Kim shouts: "Lift your hands so you can have an expression of power!" The crowd goes wild and goes into a trance-like state. "He will empty the cup of righteousness and I will restore restoration in your cup that is no longer filled." He screams: "There is no sacrifice! Hold up your cup! .. I will bring down your pulpit! New wine.. restoration has begun. The spirit has broken the old wineskin. Now I fill you with new wine! Pentagrams come from the ceiling lights on stage and over the crowd. Kim tells them: "You are holy!"

To the left side of the stage, under red light in semi darkness stands Jan Crouch in black with a long blond wig flowing down her back, her face facing the ceiling with her up in the air clasping her son's hands to form a pyramid. Clement shouts: "Blocking out, says the Lord!" "The fire of the Lord is touching your lips - Don't' worry about what people think!" "Receive it, come on! Receive it, come on!" Chanting and dancing in semi darkness with red light flowing from the ceiling on Jan's side of the stage. "A Break through for you America! Disregard yesterday. I'm raising warriors - Bring down pulpits - I'll bring down an abundance of rain!"

Kim begins to address Jan Crouch in front of him now with her hands still up and a distorted face facing the ceiling. He states: "The spirit is going to do a miracle.. The spirit tried to rip your soul to pieces... I will restore you, I will raise you up greater in 2000... Your cup shall be a masterpiece." Jan goes down to her knees and finally goes down flat on her back and laid there for quite a while. "I'll do a miracle in your household! Old is shattered - An open vision is coming to you! Religion is broken right now!" His voices changes and he sings in a high voice!"

The crowed is about the go to another high frenzy - trance- Kim goes on his knees and prays the Lord's prayer partially.. He left out "lead us not into temptation," and tells his audience to lift your hands, "this is your day" . Frenzy begins again.. I noticed the back of the stage, it looked like someone on a throne, with a head like a sun. "This is your day , we will rejoice in it!"

A back musician dressed in red and black, plays the guitar and sings: "The spirit likes to move the devil right here under my shoes!" The musician looks like a devil himself. The crowd goes into a frenzy and Pentagrams appear from the ceiling lights on stage. He says," Demonic spirits are in turmoil right now. Don't miss your hour of visitation.


The Pentagram is a five-sided star, usually made with a single continuous line, with the points equally spaced. It is often depicted within a circle. This is one of several geometric star designs representing the mysteries of creation and redemption, the soul of man in its relationship with the Universal Spirit. Magickally, such diagrams are considered efficacious in rites and rituals of evocation and transformation. These designs are represented in all media, by carving, drawing, sewing and casting in metal. To carry such a design on one's person or have it in one's abode is considered a sign of one's interest in occult spiritual matters, as well as serving as a link between its location and spiritual forces. The pentagram has been used by many secret and occult societies, including shamans, Witches, magicians, Rosicrucians, Kabbalists, Freemasons and Illuminati.



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