White Supremacists Prepare for Racial Holy War





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Published on Aug 21, 2012

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Racist groups encourage members to gain military training to prepare for what they're referring to as Rahowa.

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Comments • 3,280

You liberal White ninnies realize they're coming after you first, right? They hate you far more than they hate non-Whites. You'll be fine though since you're heavily armed, trained and network with others of like mind... oh, wait.
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Mad Raptor
Fuck Multiculturalism.
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ronnie price
These two are a great example how ZOG HAS reached our children
left wing fuck ups sieg heil 14/88 rahowa is coming
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Michael Misak
these people are two of the biggest fuck heads i have ever seen
Fucking traitors. Fuck you both. YOU might think that Rahowa is just crazy extremist ideology but i guarantee you its happening... As race relations worsen with every passing day we'll see the day this nation collapses in on itself... and we'll be the ones prepared, too ashamed of your racial suicide and stupidity to say "We told you so." P.S. I'm a skinhead. Definitely not stupid. I wouldn't say I'm ugly either. Evil? There's nothing evil about wanting to preserve your people. Fuck you. 88
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Anti white propaganda at it best. Fucking race traitors!
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Yugoslavia proves what happens when a nation collapses. Naturally there are ethnic/racial alliances.  Wishing to live with ones own isnt supremist, it is natural. Same as choosing ones mate. There are 1 million Interracial crimes annually in USA & 90% are black ON White..thats real racism and supremicism. This video is disingenuous, the racial war began 40 years ago and is manifesting itself now every day with black ON white crime.
RAHOWA is here. It's not an all out physical war, yet! Any white person who is proud and/or chooses to be among other whites is deemed a racist. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, ect. have infiltrated our homes glorifying race mixing! White homelands as of recent France is being infested with other races to weed out whites! This war has been ongoing and continues to grow! Look at Germany and the forced immigration of parasites! We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children! 
Sarah Hess
Since Obama is a Black racist extremists would make sense for white supremacist to join the army. To help prevent Obama trying to use the military to exterminate white people.
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