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Published on May 31, 2011

I compare an LCD and a LED monitor to determine whether it is worth upgrading!
An LED monitor is not an OLED monitor! an LED monitors only talks about the back light whereas an OLED monitors is a pure LED display and back light.

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Dynamic contrast ? You should educate youself before admire it. Completely useless parameter.
timpster ninetythree
awe man, I just typed SOOOOOOOOO much stuff, then my mouse fell off the table, went to the right corner of the screen, and when it hit the floor, clicked the X -- what are the damn odds?
+timpster ninetythree whoah
Nick Hill
CRT monitors don't use a "cathode backlight". You are confusing a cathode ray tube with a cold cathode fluorescent tube. Cathode ray tubes use an electron gun to fire electrons at phosphor dots screen printed onto the glass front. When electrons fire from the green gun, the electrons are steered in such a way that they hit only green phosphor and only in the region the beam has been steered to. Same for red and blue. No backlight involved. Regarding LCD backlight technologies, the only difference to the user between LED and CCFL is perhaps power consumption and therefore heat generation. Anything else is a property of the LCD panel and phosphor selection of the light source.
I was about to make comment about CRT backlight. Really struck my ear as electrician. Another thing my eyes got tired really fast with CCFL monitors and I thought upgrading to LED monitors would help but now I get frequent headaches. My led monitors are "fancy" low bluelight, no flicker, high refreshrate etc. bullshit. No help whatsoever. Just... Do'h I should probably revert back to CRT.
Santiago Castro
Hello, it is 2016 and I am still waiting for the OLED screens hahaahaha
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Powell Odhiambo
its 2017 Lol
Kishin Asura
They are right there, but they are ridiculously expensive. It will be some time before there are models at reasonable prices.
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Der WLAN-Kabel-Verband
Actually the LEDs are much better than LCDs... Pros for LEDs: -Better colors -Better response times -Clearer White -Less Power consumption -Much better black levels (tested it on my own / forgot in the video) Cons for LEDs: -(None)
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Yeah i know, but that's why they cost more than TN .There are also budget monitor with VA and IPS panel but hard to find them .
Der WLAN-Kabel-Verband
TN also has a really bad color-accuracy and a lack of blacklevels... But TN has good response times and is cheap... Thats why you see it in so many gaming monitors... But most of the time VA and IPS panels do a much better job if you get them to a low response time...
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timpster ninetythree
Led tv's used PWM or pulse width modulation, they are always on full brightness, but to LOOK dimmer, they turn on and off RAPIDLY -- unfortunately, I can pick up on it a lot of times -- but the iPad does it PERFECTLY because I don't have any issues with it at all! That's basically what I said minus the part about my iPad in at least 400 less words LOL! I think I'll stick with my CCFL LCD monitor for a good long while, the settings are on the right back side of the monitor, like a grip so it's extremely easy to change, and I've had it for about 4 year I think..... wait maybe 5, yeah 5 years now and I know what all the buttons do! Make sure you turn down the brightness at night . Just because it has a light (or lights) behind the screen, doesn't mean you can't make it look a bit more like paper, --- you DO NOT need it on 100% brightness at night - or even 50% for that matter. Just think, if it were a piece of paper and you could make that paper as bright as things outside on a sunny day, at 12 am (night time) - would you? Just think about that...
LED sucks! CRT and oldschool 4:3 LCD's forever!!!
Lol why tf am i watching this
Frank the Ant
I actually prefer CCFL over LED backlight screens. And my primary reason is because LED backlight causes rather severe backlight bleed. So when you're gaming, watching a movie or working you'll notice that white glow/tint near the edges and it's kind of annoying and ruins the immersion in my opinion. Plus the colours on CCFL tend to be less blue, vs LED is generally gives you more bluish tone. However I think clearly TN LED's are far better than TN CCFL in colour quality. But IPS CCFL in my opinion are much better than IPS LED's.
Four years later, we're still waiting on OLED....
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