What is Insomnia and How to Cure it with Cognitive Behavior Therapy





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Published on Nov 20, 2011

Learn what is insomnia and how to use cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to quiet your mind at night with Dr. Christine Korol. Be sure to visit http://vancouveranxiety.com to receive notices of upcoming classes and more info. For more info on insomnia or to find a sleep professional in your community also check out the National Sleep Foundation's website - http://www.sleepfoundation.org/

Please note the educational material presented in this video is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Consult with your psychologist or physician prior to starting any treatment regimen.

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Profe Ariel
GREAT Thank you and I have no words to express my gratitude! You are awesome, I prayed to God for help and then I found you ! God bless you! You are kind, patient, and willing to share your great knowledge and experience!
Christine Korol
I'm so glad you found the video helpful.
Thanks so much for this video! I'd never heard of CBT for insomnia before I saw this, and my sleep was so bad that I thought I had no other options besides sleeping pills or taking pills for my anxiety. This is my second week using the techniques in this video, and my sleep is gradually improving (I used to total only 2-3 hours of really broken, light sleep, but now I can sleep deeply for four hours straight, then I wake up and usually fall asleep again within 30 minutes or so. I still have some bad nights, but at least I also have some pretty good nights now). I do need to be stricter with myself about the sleep restriction, because that has been the most helpful part for me as well. I've set up an appointment with a sleep doctor so that someone can monitor my use of sleep restriction and give me individual help, and I've bought a workbook on CBT for insomnia to better deal with my sleep anxiety. Anyways, you have no idea how important this video was for me, as well as your other videos about managing anxiety. Thanks so much!!
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Hamid Uzi
Thank You So much ...its very helpful....Most common and Major reason of insomnia = FEAR of Sleeplessness .. Its just the fear...(if there is no other health issue) this fear will go away with the passage of time..... All we need to do is stop thinking about our sleep ... this is what helped me ... i avoid medicines /pills as much as i can.... and its very hard for me to sleep... in weekends i try to sleep without any pills and if i get some sleep, thats very relaxing for me and it convinces me that i dont have to depend on drugs.... thanks you again
Gabrielle 2 Dream
Hamid Uzi wish it were that simple for me. it's been 5 years. but when I reflect back on my history of sleep.....it's never been good or enough
Aziza Mamadolimova
Hi christine! I was wondering if you could personally help me with my sleep insomnia problem. I had suffered with insomnia for more than one month now. I think mine is quite severe, as i can't sleep the whole night, and the last few weeks i couldn't sleep at all. Now i can only fall asleep in the morning, which is not good as i have school the next day. I'll follow your tips throughout the video as i found them very helpful. Do you think there's any other advice that you could give especially for a severe case like mine. Pls do post more videos, as i find you very encouraging..;) thanks
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Based on what the video says and personal experience, I'd say you only fall asleep in the morning because your hours are out of wack. I'm going to try the sleep restriction, cause I stay up for days in a row, but I'm not doing the chart because it would be too confusing with getting 0 hours of sleep. So I'm going to stay up until I'm exhausted, no matter how long it is, no matter if I work or not, and wake up 7 am and force myself to stay up. If I were you I'd try that. You posted 3 months ago, is your sleep better now?
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John Grant
Thank you so much for this, it's really appreciated
What should i do if i have a strict bedtime shedule, but still dont wake up before the alarm? That means im sleep deprived.
Dexter Mahadeo
Thank you so much for this detailed analysis and implementation. I've been an insomniac for the past four years since my divorce and thought of losing my kids put me into a minor depression. Even though all is well with me now emotionally, the insomnia hasn't gone. Still, in hindsight, I think I've always been a problem sleeper. I've tried meditation, medication (both alternative and standard), but nothing lasted. As a 52 years old male, I went to get my testosterone tested, but came back with a diagnosis of prediabetes. My good cholesterol is down and my bad, up. I eat discriminately and exercise regularly. My body mass index is a model with 165 lbs at 5 foot 10 inches. So, I've decided to go an an even intense nutrition program. And, finally give Sleep Restriction and CBT-i an honest and dedicated try. This is the best and most comprehensive video upon which I have discovered in my search. I started in my Sleep Restriction last night. It went exactly as planned with 5 hours in bed, obtaining 4 hours sleep. I think it was vital to point out that awaking after every sleep cycle was normal. Nowhere else in my research showed that, although some mentioned that awaking about three hours after sleep was expected in adults to arise to have sex as our hormones are at peak and we have rested a bit and that aiming for a solid block of sleep was a product of the Industrial Revolution. I feel very encouraged by this video and the manner of delivery. I will update on my progress.
Dexter Mahadeo any update? have you sticked with the program?
Roma Khokhlov
Hi, Christine sorry for my english i use this technich and start to fall a sleep well. but i have problem waking up after 5-5:30 hours of sleep and cant get to a sleep again. i go out of bed and wait at least 30 min to feel sleepy again. but if i wake up before 2-3 hour i need to wake up, then i cant fall to sleep no more. It really stress if u plan to sleep 7hours and wake up after 5. And i feel it doesnt enought to sleep 5hours, cause during the next day i feel sleepy. What action should i do to reduce this? big thanks
Well it really seems that humans simply work better by not waking up till 8-9am. It seems that anything else its artificial and practiced but not ideal or natural. Most people wake up before sunrise which should be completely unnatural and even dangerous in for poor night vision mammals like humans.
Dear Christine, You did a great job of covering this issue.  Very thorough. You may want to think about getting a microphone to improve the sound  on your next video.  A first class presentation deserves first class sound. Regards

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