Why Would You Offer More? - Sixth Sense





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Published on Jan 3, 2011

For some reason this did not go widescreen XD it'll be fixed in the future

Why would you offer more? is the title of the video because it is the question going through Meg's mind with the supposedly 'black hearted' Giselle.

*watches all the stunned faces and giggles* and here you people thought Giselle was pure evil there's a reason I listed her as a semi-villian.

Weakness revealed:
Giselle like her mother must keep her word if she gives it freely to any other being

100% approved by the lovely Shae

Check out both their wikia's for the update

Megara is walking through the woods looking for a place to stay the night because it's going to be dark soon. Giselle was playing in the water when she heard a strange noise and came out from the water spotting Megara who she goes to meet. Of course seeing Giselle spooks Megara even though Giselle was just playing with a flower. Meg is of course not happy to be scared but then Giselle turns into her human form and invites Meg to follow her because she can help. Meg is a bit confused, wary and amused by this.... 'things' lack of knowledge and follows her to her house. The place is quite cozy which makes meg try and remember the last time she was in a normal house. But of course she quickly puts it off with her tough girl demeanor. Giselle is nothing but curious and delighted of her guest even inviting her to stay with her as long as she likes. Meg refuses at first of course but Giselle is nothing but welcoming. Unknown to Meg though Giselle is debating whether or not to respond to Meg with attraction or violence. She chooses attraction and presents Meg with a flower then the sneaky devil sneaks a kiss on the cheek (XD So it seems she was like that from the beginning) At first Meg is shocked and kinda happy at the first real touch of kindness she's received for a while.... that is until she remembers she's straight and gets angry at Giselle beginning to question the girl on a number of things. Giselle tries to wave the questions away and apologize for upsetting her. But Megara is distrustful and begins to use her power when Giselle counters with her own.... Megara stops and goes from angry to just grumpy/pouty while Giselle says she will tell Meg everything if she would just listen. Giselle is open and honest with Meg about everything including her parentage which shocks Meg. As Meg wonders why the hell she followed Giselle in the first place Giselle tries to calm her fears saying she wouldn't hurt Meg. And thus explains her mother told her of an absolute solution that would put Meg's fears to rest..... Giselle will make a binding oath never to harm Megara and make sure no one else does as long as they are friends. Thus practically making herself Meg's guardian, Meg of course is shocked and confused why anyone would do such a thing for a stranger let alone her. But Giselle does it anyways.... we skip ahead to weeks later where Giselle is out with Meg in the forest playing as usual while Meg just watches her and gathers things for the house. Giselle is very much enamored with Meg and tries anything to make her smile, which she get her too. And although Giselle's attraction to her annoys Meg sometimes they are friends.... because Meg realizes that Giselle made the choice to help her not even knowing who she was.


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