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Published on Jul 18, 2011

Joe and Hayle have been dating for years, and everything seems to be going well until they had to face reality and graduate High School and go there different ways to College.
It was the last week of school for seniors where everyone slacked off and planned there amazing senior pranks.

Joe was leaning against his locker talking to his friends.
Joe: Yeah, I'm bring water balloons on Friday, it's going to be crazy.
James: Yeah that sounds awesome, I'm bringing the silly string.
Joe: -laughs- priceless.. What are you bringing Rylie?
Rylie: Um, the water guns and Hey Joe, since Joanna and I are going to the same college, mind if I asked her out?
Joe: whoa.. Um, that's my twin sister. Of course I mind, but I'm not my sister's keeper so knock yourself out.
Hayle walks over to them.
Hayle: Hey, Joe.. Can we talk?
Joe: yeah sure. What is it? -smiles at how beautiful his girlfriend looked this morning-
Hayle: -looks at James and Rylie- In private.
Joe: -looks at James and Rylie- See you guys later.. -They leave; looks back at Hayle- what's up?
Hayle: I'm leaving for Georgia. My train leaves Saturday after Graduation.
Joe: what? -shocked- I thought we were going to spend summer together. Why are you leaving so soon?
Hayle: -sighs- I'm.. I.. It's my grandfather. -looks down; fighting her tears-
Joe: -takes her hands- what about him?
Hayle: He's sick and before he dies.. He wants to see me, I'm his favorite Granddaughter.
Joe: So you're leaving just like that?
Hayle: I have to!
Joe: Are you going to come back?
Hayle: I don't think so.. I'm sorry.. -takes her hands from him; walks away with tears falling from her eyes-

Snyder witnessed the whole thing, felt bad; walks after Hayle.

Snyder: Hey, hales.
Hayle: -sighs; wiped her tears- Hi.. -still walking-
Snyder: what's wrong? Is it Joe?
Hayle: No, It's not.. But I broke up with him..
Snyder: what?! Why?
Hayle: It's just something I needed to do.
Snyder: -backed down and turned around; walking the other way-

During the day; pranks were being pulled left and right and the seniors felt on top of the world. Friday finally came around, Last class of the day.

Joanna was sitting in class watching the clock; anxious about the final prank today. She packed water guns, silly string and face paint in her bag.

Joanna: Come on, you can do it.. Only Two more minutes!!
Rylie: why are you so anxious?
Joanna: Because I want to get this over with..
Rylie: -chuckles- Someone's excited.
Joanna: -smiles- Very.

Joe was in his English class; blowing bubbles with his classmates; having fun trying not to think of Hayle leaving and them breaking up.

Joe: Franny, take this picture.. -smiles; blew a big bubble-
Franny: -laughs- Joe, that's really big bubble.. Katrina, check out Joe's bubble!
Katrina: Whoa! -walks over- Save it! Don't pop it!
Franny: -takes a picture- Awesome!
Joe: -laughs- Miss. Wharton-Smith you have to see this!
Miss. Wharton-Smith: -looks up from her cell phone- oh awesome, Guys I really am going to miss you all, and Remember you can call me melissa, I told you guys last week.. Who's excited for graduation tomorrow?
Everyone says Me!

The bell finally rings; all the seniors run out to the side of the school where the grass is and they just have a massive silly string, water, and Shaving Cream fight that in the end no one walked out clean. The teachers and other students watched from the second floor balcony, there faces were so bright that they couldn't stop smiling at the mess the seniors were making and the seniors chanted "Class of 2011" as they left the battlefield; covered.

Saturday came and everyone was at graduation; After Graduation.
Hayle made her way to the train station with her graduation gown over her floral dress; She pulled her suitcases behind her.

Joe couldn't let her leave; he ran his way to her.
Joe: Hayle David!! -looking around for her-
Hayle: -heard her name; turned around- Joe?
Joe: -ran over to her- I Love you..
Hayle: Joe, please stop.. Whatever you say, won't make me stay.
Joe: I know.. -sighs- But, I need to do this before you get on that train and I wont see you again.
Hayle: which is? -confused; looking up at him-
Joe: -Grabs her face and passionately kisses Hayle for about 2 minutes-
Hayle: -after he pulls away; breathing heavy- I have to go.. -looks away; gets her suitcase and boards the train-
Joe: -a tear falls; watches her leave; doesn't realize his sisters are behind him; they place a hand on his shoulder-
Hayle: -puts her hand on the glass; looking at him- *Texts Joe: I love you, I'll make sure to come back and spend the rest of summer with you*

Joe wiped his tear; read her text; smiles; looks at his sisters.
Snyder and Joanna gave him a hug and they all went home to their family at their graduation party.

Based on a true story and true events..
(my school did have that massive prank that got messy and my friend got on a train for georgia after graduation, it was so sad cuz her bf did cry, so I dedicate this to them)

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