Alien Life in Space: Biological UFOs, Extraterrestrial Extremophiles.





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Uploaded on Feb 14, 2012

http://Cosmology.com Are UFOs biological life forms? Here is evidence from NASA. Life (extremophiles) can survive in almost any environment; why not outer space? This film footage, from NASA, depicts what are commonly called "UFOs", as well as "space junk." However, some of this "junk" displays purposeful behaviors and physical morphology which is often identical to simple life forms on Earth. In this film, comparisons are made between these "UFOs" and simple life forms, and the evidence indicates that some UFOs and "space" junk, appears to be alive.

A film by Rhawn Joseph, Ph.D.

A 20 page scientific report on these discoveries can be obtained and read for free at:


Let us consider the few facts available:
1) Astronauts could see these objects outside the space shuttle--traveling along side the shuttle
2) Astronauts used binoculars to observe the structures at a greater distance away--they could be
seen by the naked eye, but they used binoculars to get a close up view.
3) When the tether was viewed with a deep field lens, there were tens of thousands of these
structures, some smaller, some similar in width to the the tether.
4) When the tether was viewed close up, objects of all sizes could be viewed; and many of these
objects were semi-transparent.
5) When the tether is viewed close up, there are very large objects and the entire field is filled with millions of very tiny
objects which must be very far away.
6) Many of these objects must be huge in size
7) Many of these objects have a pulsating nucleus
8) Some of these objects suddenly change direction and speed of movement
9) Astronauts have described some of these objects as "definitely not solid"
10) Many of these objects resemble algae
11) There is NO evidence to support the belief these objects are space junk, or artifacts of the camera. NASA has never bothered to take samples or to investigate; yet without evidence they claim these objects are space junk.

Nobody knows what these objects are. Its time to investigate.

Dr. Joseph began his scientific career in the 1970s manipulating primate brain cells by varying the environment, and in so doing was the first to discover and publish evidence that primate brain cells
continue to grow, compete with one another for synaptic and functional representation, atrophy when deprived of sensory input and recover when competing cells are denied sensory input, and that the
primate brain is functionally plastic (neuroplasticity) and that the brain is constantly rewiring itself and neural networks and cellular circuits are constantly being formed and reorganized (Joseph
& Casagrande 1978, 1980; Casagrande & Joseph, 1978, 1980). Thus, Dr. Joseph was the first to demonstrate neuroplasticity, recovery of function, neural competition, and natural selection in the
primate brain, and based on his discoveries developed and published a complex theory on neural networking and competition (Joseph 1982) which was later popularized by another scientist who called
it "Neural Darwinism." Also, in the 1970s, Dr. Joseph published evidence that intelligence, learning, and memory could be enhanced and that physiological, perceptual, visual, behavioral, and
cognitive functioning could be altered or enhanced by varying the environment, and further demonstrated that sex differences in physiology, learning, memory, cognition, and behavior, could be
altered and reversed by manipulating exposure to testosterone and estrogen (Joseph et al., 1978; Joseph 1979; Joseph & Gallagher, 1980). Based on this research, Dr. Joseph became convinced that the
environment was acting on gene selection, turning genes on and off thereby releasing hidden stores of information which directly effect not just development but play a major role in evolution.
Subsequently, Dr. Joseph continued to make and publish major discoveries, published best selling scholarly texts which received the highest praise by a variety of scientific journals, and advanced
and published major theories in the biological and evolutionary sciences which were immediately adopted by other scientists, and has published major studies in the fields of cosmology and astrobiology including, most recently, a genetic analysis of DNA evolution and genetic ancestry.


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