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Published on Mar 22, 2012

How to Become a Vegetarian -- http://www.noahhammond.com In today's video, I'll talk about how to become a vegetarian.

Now, you do not have to become a vegetarian if you do not want to. This video is not here to tell everyone in the world that they HAVE to become vegetarian...

But, if you have any curiosity about it, the same way I had about a year ago, let me say that there are some SIMPLE ways to do it and some difficult ways to do it.

What I want to share is my process: how I did it and why I made it so simple. Most of this, I have to attribute to a blogger named Steve Pavlina (http://www.StevePavlina.com). He really inspired me to be able to take action in this way with several of his tips.

First, here's how it happened for me. I was reading a post on his blog about vegetarians. It was NOT about why everybody "should be a vegetarian". Actually, his point was that, if we are going to eat meat, he suggested that once a year at least, we go hunt an animal, kill it, skin it, cook it and eat it so that we can be real with the process.

Most people are so DISCONNECTED from what is really going on, they walk in the grocery store. They buy it. They cook it. They eat it. They do not even have to think consciously that this is an animal.

There are a lot of people who, because of that COMPLETE separation from the process, might be eating meat when really, internally, they have incongruence there. What he suggested was to get real with it, to go hunting and then to get real with the process.

It REALLY sparked my imagination. I imagined I showed up at my friend's farm and he would offer me two options. He would say: "Hey man, welcome for dinner! Here is this amazing salad that my wife just made with all these amazing greens, nuts and fruits. Or, if you want, here is a butcher knife. This pig outside is ready to die. You can kill him and we will eat him."

I played that scenario in my head and I realized that I would choose the salad EVERY time. Pigs are really cute and smart. They are smarter than dogs. I do not want to KILL a pig.

Imagining that made me realized that I am doing the SAME thing at the grocery store! There is the produce section and there is the meat section. I am making the same decision.

How to Become a Vegetarian -- Try it First!

After that rolled in my head for a good two to three weeks, I finally gathered the courage to start a thirty-day trial in vegetarianism.

The thirty-day trial tip is something that Steve Pavlina recommends, like I do, because you simply can't start something as indefinite as: "I am going to be a vegetarian."

What if you do not LIKE it? It's so scary to declare something that will change your life just like that...

But, if you declare a thirty-day trial, anybody can do that. You're not committing to anything; you are simply trying it for thirty days. Then, you can evaluate if you like it or not and whether you want to keep the commitment.

This is also a good way to bypass your ego.

Changing your life FOREVER, indefinitely? That is scary. Nobody's ego can get past that. But giving yourself a thirty-day trial to gain a new perspective and make a new educated decision, everybody can do that. Everybody can commit to a habit for thirty days.

So, I put myself on a thirty-day trial. No meat. I was still eating dairy and eggs at that point.

About twenty, maybe twenty-three days into the trial, I LOVED it. I loved how I felt. I felt energized. I felt GREAT. I felt healthy. I could tell that there was a change occurring inside me and I knew it was absolutely right for me.

I don't want to tell you to become a vegetarian. What I really want is to open your eyes to the thought processes I used to become one.

It is authentic for me. It is who I really am. As soon as I put myself in that mindset and thought about that scenario, I realized I was being completely UNREAL with myself, with my habits and the meat I was eating.

I do not even kill bugs! I do not even kill insects and I am consuming animal products on a daily basis. The two are TOTALLY incongruent and it helped me open my eyes to that.

I hope this has been enlightening for you. I hope it gave you a strategy by which you can try this out for yourself if you so desire.

Please, if you have any questions or comments, join the conversation and comment below. I will personally respond to every comment when possible and would love to hear from you!

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Thanks and talk soon!

To Your Success,

Noah Hammond


Comments • 574

Maria Mullikin
I ate meat all my life but now I don't want to
View all 10 replies
Nancy's Music channel
Maria Mullikin I am not going be a proper vegain I am going to eat meat but I am not going to. check everything for meat. if you know what I mean.
Dude It's Dustin
+Charlotte leto Go for it!
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I would LOVE to be vegetarian, but one problem, PARENTS
View all 19 replies
Lame excuse. Stand up for yourself. For your principles.
Elizabeth Arellano
DIY Dari same
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lydia stokes
I asked my mum if I could go vegetarian and she said yes so she bought me loads of vegetarian meals woo
View all 8 replies
Dude It's Dustin
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Layla Wilson
hi so i really want to become a vegetarian but i have 2 problems: 1. Half the things my mum has in the house are meat, 2. i know everyone will be asking, u wernt a vegetarian before, thats just stupid... and im scared what people will think.
View all 11 replies
Layla Wilson 1 ask your mom for more things or start thinking outside the box for vegetarian meal ideas 2 who cares what others think it's your body you do what you want if it's not crazy
Dude It's Dustin
Go for it!
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Charlie Gray
View all 6 replies
Vitamin Cruz
deepak kumar SO true! I prefer rajma or Dal (Lentils)
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Melanie Flink
I'm on my way to become a pescetarian. I just can't leave out sushi right now. But it's a start, right?
View all 4 replies
Melanie Flink
+ashley 5827​ nice! Im actually vegan now haha
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Linda Wood
I decided I do want to become a vegetarian. I'm a 100% animal lover and every time I eat meat I feel guilty, I have been cutting certain foods out of my diet bit by bit however, I tried cutting it right off the bat and that didn't work. But now that I do cut foods out of the vegetarian diet bit by bit I don't feel like ever going back 😊 problem is I have gone two weeks trying and I'm scared I'm not going to realise what I'm eating one day haha. When I buy food I always have to check the ingredients and it sure has been hard but I'm sure I will get the hang of it 😂☺️
sebastian nannberg
+Courtney Armstrong Good luck. Always listen to intuition when it comes to food :-) eat what feels right ! :)
Maggie Tutu
Good luck!!!
CHarles Vitanza
I'm following this method exactly. 2 weeks in I'm feeling great. I started at 194 pounds and I'm down 7 pounds because I'm not eating the crap I used to eat. I'm 100% sold on being a vegetarian. 
View all 3 replies
ut cuzb fly he lost 7 pounds
ut cuzb fly
CHarles Vitanza how are you 7 pounds tf
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Emma Angles
I'm joining the veggie side at 12 yaaaaaaaay I'm excited
View all 11 replies
jada and hope show
Emma Angles I'm 12 and almost 13. I'm still trying to get my parents to let me...
tiger the cat
Emma Angles me too I love animal so much and feel bad when I eat meat
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Cass McCarthy
For the people that are leaving rude comments....I've been a vegetarian for three months and life has felt truly amazing! Animals aren't on this planet to suffer. There here for us to love. Plants don't have feelings! Yes they may be alive in the ground but according to scientist, plants don't have actual feelings. By saying he or anyone else can't change the world or the environment is awful stupid of you! Vegetarians/vegans save 80-100 animals a year! We are the change.
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