O'Reilly Sees Obama's Got Balls?





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Published on Sep 7, 2008

After Bill O'Reilly interviewed Sen. Barack Obama last week, O'Reilly told Monica Crowley and Jane Hall that Obama is tough, but O'Reilly came to that correct conclusion for the wrong reasons, as I show with the clips and commentary in this video.

The first part of Bill O'Reilly's interview with Barack Obama that aired on Fox News on September 4, 2008, from which I took short clips for my video is available online at http://www.foxnews.com/oreilly/?playe...

More of Larry King's interview of John McCain that aired on CNN on July 28, 2008, from which I took a short clip for my video is available online at http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/poli...

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You're a liberal because you're black LiberalViewer. Simple. Liberals are backwards. I'm a libertarian, and we share a few social political ideals, besides gun laws. Guns are a necessity. If guns are banned, people who want to shoot places up will still be able to. And now'a days, if people have a gun they will be able to stop the bad people with guns. Either way bad people are getting guns. Liberal economic policy is also backwards (I hope you know your own agendas, not just "oh look at me I'm a liberal because I like obama and hes black and I'm black" kind of guy)
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I agree! But don't forget the intel. If it weren't for the intelligence community, no information would have been available to accurately locate Osama. Once that happened, Obama gave the green light and then the seals did their job as well as they always do. 
Farron X
Who wags their finger in this president's face other than his wife & racist white folk?
Todd Shafer
it's amazing what "pussies" the republicans are 
Todd Shafer
sometimes, I feel stupid. then I watch O''reilly to make sure I am not. 
Taryn Salazar
Truman dropped the atomic bomb. Lincoln freed the slaves. From kill-orders to policy decisions, no president did the job themselves. But they gave the order to make *whatever* happen. Then they take crap for bad decisions or praise for good ones. That's the pros and cons of having a job where "the buck stops". Btw, Barrack's not my president. My president is George Maxwell Richards, being that I'm from Trinidad & Tobago. Lol.
The navy seals killed Bin Laden, I don't get why you guys give that credit to your president when it was the seals and millitary in general that did all the work.
A. A.
McCain was such an idiot.....Even stupid Palin agreed with Obama on this...OBAMA said it best: "I say what I mean, and I mean what I say" 
well u still havent figured me all out... i hate all religion, im an atheist... and im antigun... so me hateing religions that cause war and rascism is harmless, where as if i was some christian redneck who hated muslims im dangerous because i own guns... so im still harmless, the worst thing i do is call people names because ive seen them murder innocent people
Alicia Govens
No, I think your ignorant for claiming all muslims as being terror advocates. I think your ignorant because you believe that prejudice is only associated with race. You have proved your ignorance even further by using such fowl language because you lack the vocabulary to formulate a rational opinion with factual evidence rather than stereotypes. Living in Missouri doesn't make your poorly formulated opinion acceptable. You made your feelings towards Islam & muslims very clear. I assumed nothing.
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