February 5th Lakers Celtics Kobe Analysis





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Uploaded on Feb 25, 2009

The 2008 Celtics used a MAN type of defense. Very few zone if any at all. It was a man type defense with weakside help preparing to come over to help out. This strategy was very similar how the 80's Pistons under Isaiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, and Bill Laimbeer and the 90's Knicks of Charles Oakley, Patrick Ewing, and John Starks defended Michael Jordan. The biggest difference is that because you can handcheck back then, be more physical with your man unlike now plus big men can't roam as much in the paint like they used to back then.

The 2008 Finals showcased Kobe Bryant being outclassed for most of the series by the Celtics defense. Kobe Bryant shot again sub-par in the Finals of only 40.5% from the field. Kobe was guarded by defenders such as James Posey and Paul Pierce who are NO WAY comparable to previous Celtics defenders such as Dennis Johnson. Kobe in 2004 also struggled against a similar defense and was guarded by Tayshaun Prince and no disrespect to Prince's skills but Dumars in his prime would do a MUCH better job on Kobe than Prince did in the 2004 Finals (Prince made Kobe struggle for 38% and shot the Lakers out of the finals despite Shaq being dominant in at least 2 out of the 5 games played and Shaq averaged well over 26.6ppg on 62.3% in that Finals.)

Fellow Laker fans suggested now that Posey was gone that Kobe wouldn't struggle. True at the Christmas game he followed the offense real well and got good shots and shot for a high %. However in the 2nd Boston game Kobe went back to the same things that he did in the Finals and shot like crap and this time no James Posey was there to hound him. In fact when Kobe faced Ray Allen at first he struggled then when he faced Paul Pierce he struggled then. Looks like Posey wasn't the only who gave him fits in the 08 Finals!

Also this video points out misc stuff as how passing will defeat ANY kind of defense, you simply have to keep passing and find where the holes are. There is no such thing as a "perfect defense", when Michael Jordan found to use his teammates more than just isolation plays he succeeded in beating the Pistons. Against the 80's Pistons, once Michael Jordan let go of the ball and allowed the Triangle Offense to function fully the Bad Boy Pistons were swept. Against the 90's Knicks who had similar defense to the Pistons the Bulls beat them EVERY series save for one. Only a phantom foul on Scottie Pippen in Game 5 of the 1994 Eastern Semi-Conference Finals prevented the Bulls from beating the Knicks.

Also the lack of handchecking and how fouls are getting called more now will make players less prone to be physical for if they get too physical then they will get fouls or even worst flagrant fouls. Imagine this Laker team going against the Boston Celtics except the Celtics are allowed to be more physical, flagrant fouls are non existant, hand checking is allowed, and no defensive 3 seconds. Sure Illegal defense is there but will be rarely called. If you think they got manhandled in the 08 Finals think about how they would have fared in those set of rules??

Just remember: Don't let someone's greatness blind you to their faults and if they don't do good don't go blaming someone else. How would you like it if Kobe missed a shot and instead blame YOU the viewer for missing that shot? I doubt you would like being blamed for that on a consistent basis. This is aimed for those people who ridiculously blame Phil Jackson and hurl idiotic comments at him when their favorite player doesn't play good and instead give *EXCUSES* for their favorite player's poor play instead of getting them properly blamed.


PS: Remember to hit PAUSE when text screen comes on! Each one lasts only 5 seconds! I wanted to make them longer but youtube only allows 10 min without charging and I didn't want to make two videos.


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