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Published on Apr 18, 2009

99 fishing guide:

Levels 1-20

These levels are boring since you dont have a lot of choice. You will have to swap a lot. First of all, to be level 5, you will need to catch 37 shrimp with your net. If you lost your net, you can either buy it in one of the Fishing Shops or get another one from the Fishing Tutor for free, south of Lumbridge. After you get level 5, you will need a regular Fishing Rod fishing rod and some Fishing Bait. It is suggested fishing with Fishing Bait until level 20. At level 10, you will have the ability to catch Herring so it should go faster. From level 5 to level 20, you will need from 105 to 205 bait.


Now, you will be Fly-fishing Trout to gain access to the fastest experience in Fishing: Salmon AND Trout. You will need to catch 178 trout. Fish in any of the following Rivers: River Lum South (Near Lumbridge), Shilo Village River or River Lum North (Near Edgeville)

As Stated before, the fastest way to get to 99 fishing is by Fly-fishing. There are many ways to get 99 Fishing, choose the one you like.


You can start to make money now: Fish the Trout and the Salmon while using one of the ways described above. You will use between 11,834 and 8453 Feathers. You will obviously need to use a process that involves banking.. You can easily sell Trout 50 coins each and the Salmon 75 coins each. From now on, you will always bank to make money..


If you are member, this is not your last step. You can now enter the Fishing Guild. Note that you can enter the Fishing Guild at the level 63 with an Admiral Pie or at the level 65 with a Fishing Potion. Fish Lobsters there until you are level 85 Fishing. Fish in the northern dock called often the h dock. If you like to be alone, you can fish Lobsters in Jatizso if you have done the Fremennik Isles's quest. The spots are even closer to the bank. You will need to fish 29,485 Lobsters. You can cook Lobster without burning any if you have 68 cooking with Cooking Gauntlets or 74 without these gauntlets. Congratulations, you have reached 85 Fishing, now be ready for the last step. You will make 7,371,250 coins during the process.

You can choose between two methods here. The fastest one is fishing Monkfish in the Piscatoris Fishing Colony. Why waiting until 85, you may be wondering, while you can catch Monkfish at level 62? Well the answer is easy, with 62 Fishing; you catch Monkfish at a very slow rate. At 85 Fishing, you get a full inventory every 4-5 minutes or so, which is not bad at all. You will have to catch 81,466 Monkfish before getting 99 Fishing. You can easily sell cooked Monkfish 300 coins each and raw Monkfish 320-350 coins each. You will make 24,439,800 coins if you sell cooked monkfish and around 27,291,110 coins if you sell raw monkfish.

If you have not done the Swan Song quest (this quest gives you access to the Piscatoris Fishing Colony), and you still want to make money, you can catch Sharks. Sharks dont get stuck in your harpoon so easily so if you are not patient, do not fish Sharks. If you really want to fish Sharks, you have two choices: either you go to the Fishing Guild or to Jatizso. Jatizso is highly suggested because the bank is closer. To get to 99 Fishing, with this method, you will need to fish 88,872 Sharks. Do not cook the Sharks unless you have 94 Cooking and Cooking Gauntlets because you will burn a lot and every Shark you burn is less money. Raw Sharks are worth 900 coins each and cooked ones are worth 750 coins each. You will make 66,654,000 coins if you sell raw Sharks and 79,984,800 coins if you sell cooked Sharks.


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