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Published on Mar 18, 2013

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With the recent recession and the rising fuel prices, many people are wondering, "How can I make money online?" While there are numerous work-from-home scams, there are some legitimate companies. These companies will show you how to make money online and earn additional income until you can find a more lucrative position.

How to Make Money Fast
Make Money through Online Auctions
If you are one of the lucky few that kept their credit cards through the recession, you may be able to make money through online auctions. Many people buy items at discounted prices and sell them online for a profit. People with time to obtain free product through promotions may sell them online for a profit. Most experts would not recommend operating this business strictly on a cash-only basis. If you buy too much of an item, it will be more difficult to return for cash. Many credit cards will guarantee the ability to return an item. However, it is also more difficult to dispute cash purchases than credit card purchases.

Make Money Online Blogging
Many people write blogs for a living. Bloggers are paid per article submitted. Bloggers are also paid based upon pay-per-click campaigns. The more views the article receives, the more the author is paid. Unless the topic is about a sensational topic or a celebrity, it is difficult to write an article that will receive enough page views to make a significant amount of money. Some people that attend large churches or that have a large online following can manage to make more money through this method. Be certain you are being paid for the article in addition to page views.

Complete Surveys Online
Believe it or not, many companies value consumer opinions and will pay for feedback. Companies pay consumers for completing online surveys about their products or services. Many companies are interested in the opinion of a certain demographic. Therefore, you may not always qualify for the survey. For instance, age group or income levels are often factors in determining whether or not the company wants your opinion. If you do not meet the requirements, you may not be eligible to participate.

Make Money Writing SEO Articles
Search engine optimization is a huge concern of companies trying to make money online. The Search Engine Research Position (SERP) is essential in achieving the maximum amount of traffic to a website. Since companies constantly need keyword rich content, many people hire third party consultants or freelance writers to complete the work for them. If the quality of the work is excellent, then clients will pay more for the articles.

Make Money Trading Online
If you have $500 or more, you can invest in the stock market. Day traders can make a huge profit if they make wise investments. Many investors are migrating towards Forex day trading, because trading currencies are often more lucrative than trading stocks on the stock exchange. If you have $20,000 or more, you can make a significant amount more money online trading. Binary options trading is also recommended.

Make Money Designing Websites
Are you technical? Website design and hosting is a lucrative profession. Many people are starting their own businesses and would like to establish a web presence. If you understand HTML, Flash, Java and other technical aspects of website development, you could stand to earn a significant amount of money designing websites from your own home.

Make Money with Social Networking Sites
Many people make money through referrals from social networking sites. If you have a large friendship base, you can refer people to your websites or to other company's websites and make money from the advertisements or earn a referral fee. Many people find this as an easy way to make money with very little effort. The problem with this method of making money is that once your friends determine what you are doing, they are less likely to help you. If they take your idea, this may bring contention.

Make Money Placing Contextual Ads
Many people place contextual ads on websites. This method is virtually maintenance-free. After the advertisement is placed, you can just sit back and watch the money come into your account. Of course, in order to make money, you have to be certain that it is a high traffic website. This will increase your chances of receiving more money through this form of advertising.


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