no title~Princeton Love Story.Starring you. Intro/Chapter 1. Rated N





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Published on May 24, 2012

Okay I don't have a title for this, can ya'll help me out? This is rated n for nasty, so don't flag :D. This story kind of sci-fi in modern time. You'll see what I mean. I'm sorry for being MIA lately but I've been so focused on school I have a big project.

I was laying on my couch in silence in the dark when I heard footsteps. Who was that? My home was so well secured that no one could get in, unless I wanted them to. I got up and grab my blaster and was ready to shoot. Damn it was so dark. Then all the sudden I felt big strong hands around me. I jumped and was ready to attack until I heard

"Relax, babe it's only me."

I felt my heart relax when I heard Princeton's sweet sounding voice. He was the man who owned my heart, though i never seen him before. He said he had to keep his identity a secret or it could harm both of us. He pecked me on my neck and I let out a small moan.

Me and Princeton have been working against the resistance against the senator of Calua: Hauk. Hauk was an evil man, who I couldn't wait to rip out his throat. He murdered my family over the false account of treason. He thought my father was plotting against. He took everything from me and now I had Princeton, who was the leader of the resistance. I loved him dearly and didn't want to lose him.

"I was talking to Kiara today, she said It was absurd that I was in love with man, and I didn't know the color of his eyes" i said.

He started to kiss on my neck again.Until he stopped at my chest and started to peel off my shirt and then unclasped my bra. I felt his tongue flicker against my swollen nipple. I moaned loudly, almost screamed. I couldn't help it, the passion I was feeling ripple throughout my body. He started to knead at my other breast and I arched my chest toward him. I could hear him mumble something but I didn't have a chance to confront him about it. I wrapped my legs around him and carried him to my bedroom. He laid me down and then slid off my pants and panties. I felt him kissed my inner thigh then at the juncture that held all the pleasure for him. He slowly slipped in one finger into her and started to thrust at her. She moaned again and really thought was going to climax again, but she really lost it when she slipped in another finger. She started to moan louder and louder, until she felt her self release.

"Good girl." said Princeton.

He tasted his fingers and unzipped his pants. She was ready for him, definitely ready. He could tell by the way she shivered by his gentle touch. She slowly inserted himself into her so they could finally be joined together. He started to thrust in and out of her. She reached up to put her hands in his hair. It was curly but she always wonder what color it was. She brought her hands down to his arms that was cover in scares even if his body was so toned it was almost as hard rock. He started to pick up the the pace that got her losing her breath. He ran his hand down her lean stomach. Yn was beautiful. She was at least 5'7, had a big bust of at least 36Cs and was had curves and all the right places. She had long brunette hair and hazel.eyes. she was absolutely gorgeous. She could feel her about to climax again. She was ready and coming. He put in on last stroked and she came all over him, he chuckled again and kissed her full of passion on those beautiful lips.

"I Love You, Princeton." she breathed.

"I love you too." said Princeton.

"Princeton, when will you let me see you?" she asked.

"Soon my sweet, but you have to promise not to judge me okay? Look past my looks and see my heart."

"I already seen you're heart, and I love you. I don't care how you look, Princeton". she said.

"I know, but just remember who i am and not to judge me by my looks." he said.


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