[XBOX360] Dynasty Warriors 7: Xiahou Ba - Hu Lao Gate (Chaos)





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Published on Jun 16, 2011

Stage: Hu Lao Gate [DLC] - Allied Invasion Resistance
Difficulty: Chaos
Costume: Palette Swap
Weapon: Great Sword (EX Weapon)

Okay, I'm ready to go!

Slow, but powerful, and bearing a whooping 100 Power, he can wield ANY Power Weapon with ease

Rune Blade (Lightning Lv.2)
- Elemental Attack Up
- Synergy

Dragon Breath (Lightning Lv.6)
- Synergy
- Officer Assassin
- Double Element
- Elemental Attack Up
- Combat Resistance

The basic formula is: C5-extra + Musou, or C4 if crowd is too dense

C5-extra is dependent entirely on the Lightning Element. The forward shockwave will NOT HIT if the enemy isn't put into place by Lightning's bolt effect

Some notes on the Great Sword Moveset:
- Normal attack string has good frontal reach, but pretty unsafe from the sides and behind, and it's quite slow
- C4 is a decent shockwave attack for crowd clearing, which is pretty similar to the Twin Axes' C4, which homes on inclined planes
- C5-extra is the most interesting part of the moveset: the forward shockwave carries TONS of elemental damage
- C5-extra is done by holding the charge attack button (triangle or Y) for about 2-3 seconds after C5. Hold any longer and a weaker quake will be executed instead
- C6 is decent as alternative to C4 and C5-extra

Some notes on Xiahou Ba:
- EX Attack is a follow up to C4, and is quite decent against crowds, but it has horrid recovery time, so use Musou as needed
- both Musous are EXCELLENT against crowds, and Musou 2 in particular is decent against multiple officers, since it has surprisingly large radius and quite powerful with Synergy

The Great Sword is somewhat an inferior Lance, only that the Great Sword has less chance to kill, but the attack speeds are similar

Escape from Hell (DW7 OST)
Theme of Lu Bu ~Beat Mix~ (DW7 OST)
Intense Collision (DW7 OST)

System: XBOX360
Region: NA


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