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Uploaded on Jul 13, 2009

Please EVERYONE go and watch this new music video spreading awareness for abusive relationships. Make a difference and spread the word. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmgmOK...

Bullying is wrong.
It is sick.
It needs to be stopped and NOW. I'm genuinely shocked at the response to this video, the amount of people that have been bullied. Honestly, I'm so so sorry and you shouldn't have to go through that. It's not right. Stay strong, dont let them grind you down, keep your friends close and remember every cloud has a silver lining, even though it may be distant. Don't give up and make sure you tell someone close, friends, family, teachers. Anyone. Don't stay silent. Your voice needs to be heard and you will get through this.

Are you being bullied? Take action NOW by visiting
http://www.trker.com/go/56829 for free bullying prevention reports.

The subject of this video is very personal to me, as I myself have been bullied, just like so many other people. It's one of the most horrible and terrifying experiences I've ever had. My self esteem, my belief in myself, my passion for life, my confidence and my happiness were all destroyed just because of a few people's pathetic actions. What upset me the most was that they did it for no reason and the way they did it. They had no reason to push me into a corner before every lesson, they had no reason to kick my chair and whisper threats to me whilst sitting behind me, they had no reason to make fun of everything I said, wore and did, they had no reason to post rumours about me and send me horrifying threatening text messages all the time. Eventually it stopped after a long, long few years. A couple of years after being bullied, we got our classes rearranged and I ended up having a class with some of the bullies. I was so frightened, I'd managed to avoid them since that awful time a few years ago, but here I was faced with them again. They'd stopped bullying me since then, but that was because the year ended and we weren't in the same class and every time I saw one of them, I literally froze and ran the other way. But here I was, face to face with them again. I felt like I was back to square one. I remember we were making a wooden box and I had to cut something with a scalpel, I couldn't concentrate and my eyes were focused on them, wondering what they would do now they'd trapped me again. Two of them stood behind me and whispered something to the other and I turned around and wasn't looking at what I was doing and ended up slicing my finger with a scalpel. The blood poured over my fingers. I remember just crying and crying. Not because it hurt, I didn't feel the cut, I was numb to that pain. All those years of being bullied had finally caught up with me and I'd realised how much it hurt having people treat you like you were worthless.

I was listening to an interview with Demi Lovato who was bullied, and she left school because it was so bad. I wanted more than anything to leave school but I was determined I wasnt going to let them win and beat me down. My confidence and self esteem took a knocking, but I'm back to myself and better than ever. I dont care what people think anymore. Let them say what they want and let them do what they want.
So much happened to me during that time, but I'm not feeling sorry for myself, because its not just me thats been bullied. I could waste time and regret and get upset about it. But I havent had it that bad, I wasn't driven to suicide, I wasn't beaten up so badly that someone killed me. I know people have had it much worse and my heart goes out to them. I'm so sorry. Words can't express how sorry I am.

I could ask why did it have to be me that got bullied, but then again, why not me? I cant believe I'm saying this, but Im blessed to have been bullied. It made me stronger, it showed me to be thankful for what I have and it taught me lessons that will stay with me forever. I can share with you guys and give you hope.

What I have learned most of all, is dont stay silent. I did for so long. It took something really really bad for me to finally tell someone and then I finally realised that I had been bullied for all those years.

If you feel comfortable, let me know about your experiences with bullying and if you have any advice to anyone going through bullying right now. Lets do this together and stand up for ourselves. Our time has come : )

If you've never been bullied, I hope this video helped show what its like and how horrible it is.

Family and friends. They are what you need. Remember that.

Thank you for reading
I love you guys : )
Please comment, because it means so much and takes just a teeny weeny amount of time : )
I genuinely appreciate every single comment, I'm SO sorry that I can't get back to you but if you want to contact me, message me and I promise I will reply.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. That means the world to me.


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