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Published on Jan 28, 2011

"Some things that were once great end so that even greater experiences can be had. Wow, that's so cheezy of me." - Octave Fay
-Editor's Rant-


So yeah, this one has been in the works for a little while. xD I remember I made this one day when I was bothered by something, and then, I just decided to finish it because I really think this video is wonderful. -heart-

I have a reason for the fanservice picture in the beginning. D: Originally, I was going to use her silhouette, but Vegas kept crashing every time I attempted to do that...So, since I just liked the pose, and I was too lazy to mask another picture, I just kept it. 8D;;

AND YES. I USED YAMI. Who missed this guy? NOT ME! 8D /shot. Okay, no, I'm being serious, I didn't miss using him. xD BUT ANYWAY, I like making him the bad guy now. :3 He just makes a really good bad guy. I mean, he always looks pissed off all the time. xD Oh well.~ Anyway, yeah, I also used him because I have this thing for Yami X Akiza, even though I don't know why I do. I really have this thing against Yami [long, drawn out, personal story. xD] and I adore Aki, so I really don't understand why I do. xD
Oh well. I HAZ FAITHSHIPPING IN IT. That makes me happy. xD [Note to Anti-Faithshippers: I really do like more than just Aki X Yusei. I like Aki with a wide range of people, and that goes for Yusei too. I'm hardcore Yusei X Sherry too. 8D]

ANYWAY, the story is simple, the only problem is that is spread out among the video. Some parts are flashbacks, some switch points of view, etc. I'm lazy and I don't feel like typing out the story, so you're on your own for figuring out what scene is what. So here it is....

■ Akiza and Yami meet and oddly enough, they fall for one another. Not long after that, they begin dating.

■ Three months later, Yami calls up Akiza and tells her that he had been cheating on her with another girl for the past month. [I use Tea, but I try my hardest to not make her face obvious for a reason. x3 It's not like Akiza knows who this girl is, so why show her face?] The phone call breaks Akiza's heart.

■ Months pass, and Akiza reflects back on everything that she did with Yami almost daily, unable to truly get over him.

■ However, one day, while having an extremely terrible time with her flashbacks, she met a young man who was concerned as to why she was crying and why she seemed so ill. That man was Yusei. They became acquainted and soon became really great friends.

■ The more Akiza hung out with Yusei, the more she fell for him, and he for her. Soon, Akiza realized how much she really enjoyed his company. The hole in her heart left by Yami had been filled by Yusei, whether he knew it or not. So then, Yusei had asked Akiza to be his girlfriend. Of course, she agreed.

■ Akiza and Yusei had the time of their lives with one another constantly, enjoying every moment with one another. However, one day, Yusei had dropped the saying that brought back memories for her.

"I'll love you forever."

Akiza thought back to Yami, somewhat shocked by what Yusei said, but trying to assemble her mind and figure out what to say back.

■ Really thinking over everything that Yami had done, said, promised, and more to her, Akiza realized that he was nothing more than her past life. So, she replied to Yusei with "I'll love you forever too."

■ One day, Yami tried to come back to Akiza, but he saw her with Yusei, a ring around her finger, and the biggest smile on her face. Yami was her past life, and Akiza was drunk on nothing but Yusei until the sunrise where they would get intoxicated with one another all over again. She was fine now, and Yami knew it. Akiza had moved on and found the love of her life.
Color Guide:

B&W: Major flashbacks. [Pretty much only happen when Akiza is with Yusei and when she's thinking back on Yami]

Regular Colors: Present/recent.

[The textures serve no additional purpose except to separate the verses from the chorus and the bridge. Well, and to look pretty, but that's besides the point. xD]
Song: "The Harold Song" by Ke$ha
Footage: Yugioh, Yugioh 5Ds, fanart taken from Photobucket [if you are the owner/you know who the owner is of the picture in question, let me know, and I'll give them the credit. :3]
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 8
Dedicated To: All of my 115+ subscribers! 8D Thank you guys sooooo much! I really do appreciate it! Especially since I'm hardly active anymore. xD;;

Hope you enjoyed!~


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