High Level Insider: DHS Preparing to Start A Civil War!!





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Published on May 9, 2012

On the Wednesday, May 9 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with Douglas J. Hagmann, founder and director of the Northeast Intelligence Network. He is also the CEO of a private investigative agency serving a roster of Fortune 500 clients. Due to his expertise in covert surveillance and counter-terrorism, Mr. Hagmann has been used as an operational asset by the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI, as well as the Pennsylvania and New York State Police agencies. Earlier this month, Doug said high-level, reliable sources told him the Department of Homeland Security is preparing for "massive civil war" in America as a result of a collapse of the dollar and the hyperinflation that will result.

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Vince Scaglione
Ok all you people with your head in the sand....this video was made a couple years ago. How relevant is this info now?
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privileged white girl
If this is true about fema camps, it will be the homeless, people on welfare, immigrants and illegal aliens who will be put in the camps. That means my taxes will go way down. I think this is all a crock of shit!
Zak Ghost
Hey there I am an Indian and my whole family background is Indian and still I am watching this as we Indians see developed countries countries as a better countries to live in in terms of population , religious freedom and political soundness . We have a dream to come and settle and be a part of an amazing country . But now that I am seeing this I am loving to have born in India and now I don't want to come to USA even for recreational purposes . Once I told my friend that probably I will go to America to live and work there then he went ahead and narrated to me an incident of his friend who was beaten by the police there in America several times . If this continues I think it would become difficult for you guys to import efficient machinery and labourers from other countries .
Justmiss jamey
Okay folks...i do believe our government needs to be downsized, and cleaned of people thaf are greedy thieves etc..none of this video has came to pass.i do think our dollar will collaspe at some point...... BUT.. over history people like JFK, marfin luther king has been killed among many others that have known "the truth" with all the talk this alex jones does, dont you guys this alex jones guy and people like him and others that come on his show to expose "the truth" if all this was true..wouldnt he and his buddies, or sources or people that are on his show be taken out By now????  If not so in your face, but even car wreck, some odd random accident etc have happened by now??  I would have thouht. i also think the american people have been trained and told what is okay, and what the rules are, etc through music, tv, news, and airports etcs. Iam not reglious at all, but i would have to say that the 'mark of the beast' would have to be cell phones. And they are not seeing it.  we are conditioned that we need a phone 24/7  yes it is convient but you even have government giving free cell phones out...
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B. Flynn
in california they do NOT lock the homeless up at night. have you been to LA? what are you talking about?? they live in tents everywhere downtown. not locked up.
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If you don't know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you may want to seriously reconsider your stance. The bible talks about all of this. Look up videos on "eschatology", "end-time bible prophecy" and watch the headlines unfold as you read along in your bible. The bible has proven itself accurate again and again. Tape, water, antimicrobials, none of that is going to save you, the only salvation is Jesus and his hedge of protection. Read Psalm 91 and declare it over yourself and your loved ones. Do you really want to gamble with eternity?
Lenny Mayers
#WakeUp to the provocation of #DHS plan to start a Civil War It appears, using their #PushButtonTopics arsenal, that their weapon of choice will be #RaceBaiting into getting the black population to perform mass #rioting to serve AS THEIR REASON for #NSAspying, the #PoliceState and #Rex84 (#MarshalLaw) #WakeUp with #Infowars #DontBeTheSheep High Level Insider: DHS Preparing to Start A Civi…: http://youtu.be/YR-FC7sUrHM
Leann Wilson
I can't like a comment it just gives me the option to report but not like 
Rebel with a cause
It's conspiracy Fact~~We the informed know the Economy will collapse~~it's planned~~and a possible EMP attack probably within destroying our Grid for weeks or month~~~~Creating the crisis that won't go to waste~~as Eric~The Red~ Holder blithely stated in a moment of candor !  Time to Prep~~Food, water, Gold, silver, lead and an independent energy source !
Funny,because Islam is a precursor to the Christian bible,don't believe me then do the research and you will have your eyes opened,my my what ppl will believe and then pass it on with out even doing the research!!!and no I am not a Muslim or islamist,I am a god fearing,humanitarian who believes that Jesus is gods son.I spent most of my life in the army and I have done my homework,now you do yourself a favor and do it too
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