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Published on Jul 24, 2012

Near Death at SeaWorld. Aggression incident by killer whale Kasatka against trainer Ken Peters in 2006. More information in David Kirby's book: DEATH AT SEAWORLD.(St Martin's Press) http://www.deathatseaworld.com

This video was presented at trial in the case of SeaWorld v US Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis. Judge Ken Welsch, who ruled against the company, called the video "chilling" -

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Hattie Clark
And 3 years later...How the hell is Sea World still open? It's 2015, the capture of orcas should be illegal by now. There are no documented cases of an orca attacking a human in the wild. Why did this orca attack? Because he's bored out of his brain in a bathtub being routinely forced to do repetitive and unnatural actions. If the orca wanted to kill him he would have done it in a second. He is stressed and bored. Most attractions/companies have one minor health and safety incident and they have to close/change. How is Sea World getting away with still keeping orcas after there have been numerous incidents (including deaths). That is enough proof to know that these beautiful and majestic creatures should be in the wild and not in fish bowls for our amusement. Rant over!
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+Baleful Ostrich Yeah I saw that obscure website you copy/pasted from -- I googled it before I said it, and very VERY few things matched up. I listen to or watch A LOT of Dr. Ingrid Visser's lectures (I'm waiting for some new ones, I've watched all the ones that are on YT) & Dr. Naomi Rose's lectures, (both of whom have spent their ENTIRE adult lives researching wild Orca) and read "Death at Seaworld" by David Kirby, which has a crap ton of scientific research in it from all over the world,it isn't just about Tillikum & Dawn. And since I was a little kid, I've been into killer whales, they're my "thing" that I love, so I have read MANY other books & Nat Geo Magazine articles on Orcas, all 3 of those say that "no real attack on humans has happened in the wild", so I'm gonna go with that -- since between just the 2 women, they have over 50 years combined research, which is more years than I have been on the earth, and they've done their research in the company of their research subjects "on location" and both have written dissertations, and many peer-reviewed science papers on Orca. Dr. Visser swims with them for her research all. the. time. I am currently re-watching BBC's Frozen Planet, and I really don't buy into the "BBC filmed orca attacking them in Antarctica", because in the bonus features, they're all having a GREAT time, laughing, and enjoying the orcas hunting, shot some footage 2 inches away from a hole in the sea ice that Orcas were using for breathing & spy-hopping --  they would not be doing that if they were the hunted ones, they would be freaked out and would have been a few feet away from the edges but no, they weren't even watching the orcas when they started spy-hopping, they had their backs to them, which they would NOT have done if they were being hunted by them. At the very least the footage would have been included -- I'm pretty sure Sir Attenborough would have insisted on it if they had that! Mind you, I'm only on disc 1. But Antarctic animals aren't really sure of what humans are since they see so few of them (Leopard seals DO attack humans, they see them as food, as do polar bears in the arctic.), but Dr. Visser has been in the water with them there, too. PLUS, a wild orca snatching a bag of crab or lobster is NOT "an attack", the person was only involved because they (stupidly) didn't just let go of the bag. If you're in the mountains and a bear comes up and grabs your backpack with your lunch in it, would you hang onto it & be dragged off by the bear? No, because that would be stupid. The guy in Cali that got bitten by an orca -- as soon as it realized it had a human, not a seal, it let go; their teeth are very sharp, 100 stitches is nothing, that's barely a nibble -- if the orca had "attacked" him, he would have been dead, because an orca can filet their salmon, leaving a perfect set of bones, they can dissect sting-rays with surgical precision to remove only the liver, their teeth are scalpel-sharp. If the guy was really attacked, he would have lost whatever limb was bitten (and your copy/pasted says this is the only recorded instance in which a person was bitten). Accidents are NOT attacks. I highly doubt that the Lucette was wrecked by Orcas -- remember that 1972 was a very different world than it is today:  fisherman randomly shot every orca they saw, some Navy boats even used them as target practice. Orcas were blamed for everything from running up on rocks, ie human error, to fishing nets coming up with hardly any fish, when in actuality, the areas were horribly over-fished & fish populations were already starting to collapse. I would imagine that the Lucette hit the rocks, possibly even after firing on a pod of orca, so when explaining the loss of the boat to the owner, why not blame the orcas? Even if not, orcas are VERY curious critters, being so intelligent, they approach boats all the time, just to see who's there. There are MANY instances cited of then coming up to check out the people, just because they were swimming around it doesn't mean they "attacked". Because if a killer whales actually attacked a person, the person would have been dead, period. They could have just come right up out of the water & grabbed them & pulled them in. Or not let go of a leg. Or actually broken the sea ice to grab a cameraman (or just lunged out in a spy-hop to do it, especially when everyone is right at the edge & facing away from them). There are numerous instances of various Seaworld (or SW-owned) killer whales lunging at trainers who are on the edges, trying to grab them & pull them in (sources are cited in Death at Seaworld, he had access to a number of incident reports after the OSHA investigation). You might want to check out Dr. Rose's & Dr. Visser's lectures sometime, they're really good and there is loads of real information to them, rather than speculation or opinion. Both doctors' entire works have been peer-reviewed. Death at Seaworld is also really good, with lots of scientific facts, and David Kirby' cited ALL of his sources in the  Footnotes section, so you can look up more info to read full articles he pulled his facts from. Like I said, it is about so much more than just the incident with Dawn. There is a lot to learn from all of them, first of which being "there are no real attacks on humans in the wild populations", whereas attacks on humans in SW are a weekly normal thing, or almost daily occurrence, if all parks & all SW-owned orcas worldwide are counted & averaged out, and all injuries to trainers were to be counted -- for an idea on that, the book Beneath the Surface by John Hargrove, a trainer with 12 years of working with the killer whales across 3 American SW parks, and a Marineland in France. He details a number of serious incidents that were never logged in SW's log books.
Jack Jensen
+Hattie Clark Well put
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Massie Bradley
And people are blaming the WHALES for this...how about blame the people who kidnapped them from their homes and family...
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CanadianErin: They're not a cult. They're a bunch of money-grubbing fucking Jews.
+Massie Bradley -- SeaWorld tried to blame Dawn Brancheau for her own death! They are a cult, plain & simple, they twist EVERYTHING (including Ingrid Visser's research on collapsed dorsal fins in the wild -- she. was. LIVID.) Not only that, they have been inbreeding all their orca! Mothers & sons, sisters with brothers ... Probably dolphins & everything else, too! The whole reason that the captive breeding program started was so that they could NEVER be released into the oceans, because they had never been there ... oh, and it was started to increase their stock" so they could rent them out like golf carts. Such assholes.
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Andrea Schneider
They think one of the things that saved his life is the  fact he didn't panic, there was no screaming or thrashing, he was trying to calm the whale down and use their bond. In the wild Orcas are known for playing with their food, you can watch when they get a seal they toss it around and take it under then bring it back up again. The only documented attacks on people by killer whales are in captivity. The trainer that Tilikum killed in Feb 2010 was faulted for having a pony tail when actuality he grabbed her arm, severing it, and eventually swallowing it. The autopsy report is chilling, far more than just drowning happened...she was frigging scalped. He has killed three people and is still being used because they want his semen, he is the only bull whale that was actually captured in the wild that is still alive. I think the judge that said the trainers couldn't get in the water with these animals without a barricade was right. If you do the research you will see that Sea World has covered up many incidents of aggression with killer whales. They are extremely intelligent mammals with a part of the brain that even humans lack causing them to have more extreme emotions. They can't be predicted and training them like a monkey is an insult to their intelligence, if they get back in the water with these animals there will be more deaths. Don't take my word for it, do the research yourself.
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Gw En
+LM1313 so is it his dna or the conditions he lives in?
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Throw the Seaworld's CEO into the Tilikum's water tank.
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This adventurous world of mine
+sale83 And mine!!!
Jurassic jon
And mine!
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This whale is tragedy by greed. It was hunted down from its parents, abused in Canada, kept in the dark and starved, at a show there. It drowned a trainer there then Seaworld bought it and seperated its mate.  OSHA sued to keep workers away from whales but money wins, not common sense or humanity.
Roberta Cacciatore
The Orca in the video is called "Kasatka", she was captured in Iceland (same place as Tilikum) and this was the third attack on that same trainer. After this attack, Ken Peters, the trainer, said he would never perform with Kasatka. Regardless is the whale killed someone or not, I think it's wring toi keep these animals in captivity, depriving them from their natural habitat and their natural life in the wild. So many accidents has happened at the many seaworld parks aroung the country, but they don't seem to care how many more people will die, or orcas, for that matter. Seaworld loses at least one orca a year in their facilities. 
this is not tillikum
The AMV TOP 50
APBTLover1995 S
Watched it today. Love orcas it heart breaking it's not the animals fault it's people who force them to do things that are not natural and when seaworld forced the mother and baby to separate for the sake of the show?! Because the baby way "in the way" the poor mother u could see and hear her desperate calls for her baby
+jonathan martin Did you watch same video, the noise was this whale when seaworld took away its companion for another show.
ali xena
so, this whale was having a bad day. Can't say I blame him, considering the circumstances he finds himself in every day of his life..........
Samuel Cruz
And I don't think it was stress I'm pretty sure it was a hormone thing
Samuel Cruz
The whale is a girl her name is kassatka
Hawk eye
the orca's aren't meant to be in captivity so of course this and worse happen.
Wild Figure Collector
+Hawk eye I Know Right They Take Them For The Wild And Train Them To Do Shows
cal brodie
Kasatka wanted to make him dance, dance for me ken, dance! do spins, do tricks, now dive. glad he was ok but Seaworld sucks.
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