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Uploaded on Aug 17, 2007

*HUGE thanks to cry0genik for the awesome guitar remixes! Come check out his website: http://cryogenik.com *

Ah... Mega Man 2, probably one of the Mega Man games I've played the most (not counting the X series obviously). Mega Man games are especially known for their stages involving vertical scrolling and catchy musics. This one is definitely no exception! I always wanted to make a Mega Man 2 run, and I thought that now would be a good time, since I've completed my Mega Man X run recently. Speaking of which, this run is nothing like my Mega Man X run. It would practically be impossible to successfully complete a No-Hit run for this game for various reasons:
- Mega Man can't slide in this game (starting from Mega Man 3, he can though), which means he can't dodge with precision enemy projectiles and even if he could slide, he wouldn't be able to gain a boost jump from it;
- Some of the enemy projectiles go way too fast to be able to react and jump at the good time (for example the mechaniloid walkers);
- Some of the boss patterns are way too random, and the best example here is Airman. You encounter him twice in the game (in his stage and the boss rush), and from his 4 shoot patterns, only 2 are dodgeable. Experience it yourself, you'll get annoyed after trying many times to obtain the perfect pattern, twice;
- etc. (the list could go on).
So with that said, that's why I simply decided to do a No-Miss (No death) run on the Difficult difficulty (Hard mode if you prefer), nothing too crazy this time I guess! On Difficult, the bosses take more shoots in order to defeat them, but it doesn't really change anything in my opinion. There are only two parts in the run where I had to change weapons because I ran out of ammo. I might get hit from stupid projectiles or run into enemies for no reason, but since I didn't have to focus on not getting hit, I just thought it wasn't that much of a big deal. It didn't take me that many tries to complete this run after all (and I was quite surprised too). Well anyways, I hope you guys will enjoy watching the video as much as I enjoyed re-playing this game after a long long time... Oh, one last thing! Make sure to turn up your speaker's volume and enjoy the awesome guitar remixes (thanks again cry0genik)! ^_^

Here's a little overview of every stages that appear in this part of the run, how they turned out and what were the objectives to do in each one for this run:

- Airman Stage: The first part was definitely something I had to practice, and it was worth it in my opinion! Basically, the only thing I had to watch out for in this stage were the stupid birds... I hate those things! Airman went down smoothly with the Plasma cannon, and I got one of the unnavoidable shoot patterns... Lucky me! -_-;;

- Quickman Stage: The stage went great overall but I managed to miss that part with Item-2. Whatever, I still got to the end of the stage without dying from the super yellow squashing walls of death! The boss fight... Ugghhh... This dude was the one I feared the most in this run and he's probably the hardest Mega Man villain out there! However, with Mega Man's trusty Plasma cannon, I took him out of order! By the way, I've encountered a weird glitch at the end of the boss fight. It showed that both Mega Man's and Quickman's life bar were depleted, but I didn't lose a life anyways because it still showed that I had 2 lifes remaining in the next stage.

Watch "Mega Man 2 (NES) - No-Miss Run (on Difficult) - Part 2 of 5":

Mega Man 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, done on 08/09/07.

*Total video time: 40 min 20 sec*
*Music: I've used cry0genik's Mega Man 2 Guitar Remixes for this video. I've used the sample tracks, edited in my own way just so you guys could enjoy it even more! There are also two bonus tracks not available ANYWHERE ELSE, which are the "Winning Theme" after defeating a boss and the "Idle Drum Theme" from the Weapon Get screen. Anyways, if you guys are interested, you should definitely come check out his website: http://cryogenik.com ! I've barely used the original sound from the original video, but if I did it was mostly the boss explosion sounds.*

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