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Published on Dec 20, 2012

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Ever hear of the Dark Side of the Moon? Ever hear that there may be no such thing as the Dark Side of the Moon? Watch and Learn =)


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Hey everybody. Mike Wilson here aka Coma Niddy.

If you love familiar with Star Wars then you know about the Light Side of the Force and the Dark Side of the Force. And apparently the Moon has a Light Side and a Dark Side as well. But this doesn't mean that the Moon is balanced by the forces of good and evil. But it's believed that the Moon has a side that's permanently hidden from the sun. That no sunlight reaches it at all. And that side is permanently dark. But could this be true? Is there a side of the moon that's always dark?

Well the dark side of the moon sounds like a perfect place for creatures like Vampires to live. But Vampires as we all know aren't real. So what about the dark side of the Moon? Can that be science fiction as well?

Let's compare the Moon to the Earth.

Right now on Earth we are hurtling through space. We are orbiting around the sun and that takes about 365 days. The Earth is also rotating on its axis. It's spinning around and that takes about 24 hours.

The Earth's rotation on its axis is the reason why we have night and day. While the Earth is rotating on its axis some of it will get light and some of it will get shadow because it's not facing the sun.

Now the Moon is similar but also different.
The moon is orbiting around the Earth and that takes about 27 to 29 days. And the moon also rotates on it's axis and that takes about 27 to 29 days.

Now you heard that right? The Moon rotates on it's axis. So just like the Earth, the Moon has night and day. As the Moon is spinning some of it will get light and some of it will get dark. So the Moon has night and day just like the Earth. So Boom, there's no such thing as the Dark side of the Moon.

But something more interesting is happening. Did you notice that the moon's orbit and its rotation are takes the same amount of time? 27 to 29 days? So because the Moon's orbit and it's rotation on it's axis take the same amount of time, one side of the Moon is always facing the Earth. So we never see the other side.

So the side of the Moon that's facing us is known as the near side of the Moon. The side of the moon that's permanently facing away from us is more properly known as the Far Side of the moon.

So the Earth and the Moon are in a permanent dance. The moon is always looking at us. While the Earth sometimes show the Moon its front side and sometimes it shows the Moon its backside. So when you think about it...who's really Mooning who?


Written, Filmed, & Edited by Mike Wilson aka Coma Niddy
Music by Mike Wilson aka Coma Niddy
Moon Image & Visualizations courtesy of NASA


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