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Uploaded on May 10, 2011

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http://MyHealthyFitLife.com Have you decided to try P90X? Now which program should you do? Lean? Classic? Doubles?

They're going to be doing P90X and they had a question with regards to which program they should do, if they should do the lean version, the classic, or the doubles. I just wanted to take a second to answer that question for this person as well as all of you who may be having the same question as to which program you should start off with.

My recommendation, my suggestion for everyone is to first off, take the fit test that's in the fitness guide. That's going to give you a good measurement and help you see what you can and can't do. Can you do a push-up? Can you do a pull-up? Can you do wall squats? Can you do different things like that, and where are you at fitness wise. Based on your current fitness level that's going to help you figure out which program you should do first.

After you do that fit test and you can see where you're at then you can make a better decision. Let's say you don't do so well on the fit test. You're looking to lose some weight, and maybe you can't do push-ups or pull-ups at this time, specifically pull-ups, you can always start off with the lean program first. It's going to be a lot more cardio in the lean program, as opposed to the classic version, so you can start there. I've had many people who have started there, maybe phased for the first month, and lost some weight, lost 10, 15 pounds in that first month. They want to step it up and move up to the classic version, start doing more push-ups, more pull-ups, more strength building exercises which is help you to burn fat even faster by building that lean muscle.

For some reason it seems like a lot of women want to do the lean version first. A lot of times they're afraid of building muscle. They think they're going to bulk up, and get all herculean on someone, and look like a big beast, but that's just not the case. Unless you're taking testosterone supplements or human growth hormone, a woman just doesn't have enough testosterone in her body to be able to produce the huge mass type of effects that you see on these big body builders. Those people are taking different supplements, and different things, maybe legal or illegal to get that type of size. It's not natural for a woman to have that. You're going to build long, lean muscle by working out with weights. Don't be afraid of those weighted exercises, women.

If you want to start with the classic program there's no problem with that. What I like about P90X is that all the disks show modifications, modified moves. It's very easy to start with just the classic program. Instead of doing pull-ups, maybe you have a door attachment and you do the pull down with the bands. Those are a lot easier than doing pull-ups. Maybe do the push-ups from your knees. Maybe with different weight exercises you're using lighter weights to get you going, and to help you build up your strength. I would say definitely don't shy away from doing the classic program first, but if you want more cardio in the beginning then maybe look at the lean program, if you don't want as many strength building exercises. That lean program will help you build up your strength and to get doing the classic version.
If you're already fit and you want to go crazy then I would say go to the doubles program. You need to start off with that. I really don't recommend going to the doubles program for too many people unless you're training for a specific event, whether it's getting ready for a specific sport, or marathon, or something like that. When I try to do the doubles program, it's just my own personal opinion, I felt like I was working out all the time. I'd wake up, do the workout in the morning and then in the evening you'd have another workout. It was like workout, work, workout, sleep, workout, work, workout, sleep. It just felt like I was working out literally 24 hours a day. I started to get burned out in the second phase of the doubles program about the seventh or eighth week I just started to get burned out.


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