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Published on Oct 30, 2009

http://avatarthelastairbenderonline.com - One of the coolest Martial Arts scenes in Avatar The Last Air Bender, the Agni Kai between Azula and Zuko

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7 years later and I still can't get over this show
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Edp445's Car
mouna3242 this episode is 7 years old
Cancer Police
mouna3242 Maybe he watched it 7 years ago then?
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Jennifer H
This fight was honestly more symbolic than the fight between aang and the fire lord. The Agni Kai was just so emotional considering the duel is long overdue dating back from their childhood and its just too beautiful for words
Randall Walter
I feel that this was Prince Zuko coming full circle. From a proud, arrogant brat, he slowly gained humility and honor, coming to bear as he threw himself without a second thought to save Katara.
Reality Rejection Service
+Jennifer H If you listen, there is a rather tragic tone the music takes. Fitting, because it was here that Zuko's family well and truly came apart.
Bajerturi R
This damn soundtrack, I love how rather then something epic, its almost melancholy.
Matt Gerrish
Bajerturi R it's probably because the soundtrack is also supposed to embody how Azula is slipping into utter insanity because there's no one left in the world to care for her.
Sen Tariana
Its two siblings fighting one another, and one having gone crazy. It think thats pretty sad really, even if the battle is incredible.
Arfa McClain
This was better than aang vs ozai
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Matt Gerrish
Zenith Tempest all the stuff about Azula that you said really makes me consider her to be a tragic villain along with a psychopath. Because I feel bad for her that she never had anyone in her life for a while that loved her unconditionally.
Arfa McClain
+Zenith Tempest Yeah it was such a gamechanger when he joined team avatar lol
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Patrick Marr
Zuko's spin kick at 1:12 is so sick. All around excellent fight
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Johanessa Blaubeere
Oh okay :D Maybe they used it twice ... but as a tribute ? ... I don't know :D :D
Epic Eli
Johanessa Blaubeere That spin kick is Zuko's signature move, he used it on Zhao too
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The Rape Face
The contrast of the orange and blue flames, the various techniques, Azula going mad at the thought of Zuko surpassing her and Zuko keeping a cool head, all of this fight is just... beautiful
Liam Curran
I like how the color blue represents coolness and calmness, but Zuko's the only one who's calm here
Grace Eliza
Damn it's probably hot as hell where they are
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Matt Gerrish
Grace Eliza well they have a waterbender there for people who like their beverages at room temperature.
Catherine Perry
Fair enough
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Birdy. N.D
I'm convinced this was the best fight scene in the series
The best fight in the entire Avatar Universe, and perhaps also in the entire Tv and Anime universe. You could feel while these two fought that their entire story was played right in from of us. Every little moment and memory - good as bad - was executed through every attack and move. All the emotions they had sparef for one another was all released during this fight. It gives me goosebumps and I can't stop looking. It's amazing!!!
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+Mochisun true Just wanted to make sure, because.... you know... youtube comment sections. Also thanks for replying with class and not cussing up a storm.
+zachanikwano As far as what exactly? Because he obviously hasn't seen every television fight and understands this. Hence why he accommodates that factor by using the word "perhaps" in case of there being a superior fight within a show he has yet to witness. He presents a very sound argument while admitting the potential flaw in his opinion.
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