RIFT - iSpam! ParaLethal! 2.4k+ AOE! Patch 1.7! Macro's in the Description (1080 HD)





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Uploaded on Feb 10, 2012


********This build is for PvP! But you can still use this as STdps for PvE/Dungeons/Raiding******

INTRO! The one! The only! The ParaLethal! This is the feared Para/Champ build! If you like burst and sustained DPS then this is the build!

BUILD! - http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=1cL...
You don't have to fallow the exact point spread, do what fits your play style!

Parse: 2.4k+ AOE

1). Keep Strike Like Iron up 100% of the time!
2). Don't put Paired Strikes in any of your macros.
3). You are scissors! Go for paper!

NOTE! The reason you go so deep in the Paragon tree is for "Paired Strike" which does elemental(Air) damage. This is such a great damage dealing skill, which also can make your next 3 Fallow-up Attacks to all crit! You can hit targets for 5k+ damage with Paired Strike if you do the correct rotation!

-Here is the order/rotation - Strike Like Iron+Shifting Blades then cast Paired Strike!

NOTE! Bend Like the Reed, that has a 1 minute cool down, is like Strike Like Iron, but with a defensive mechanic(75% parry) with it! So use it more situational and when you need the extra parry.


AP Builder:
#show Dual Strike
cast Path of the Hurricane
cast Path of the Raptor
cast Frenzied Strike
cast Turn the Blade
cast Inescapable Fury
cast Dual Strike
cast Path of the Wind

NOTE! Reactive abilities can break the fallow-up attacks procs, so if you choose to put your fallow up attacks in the same macro you will loose fallow up attack opportunities IF the "reactive abilities" fire first before the fallow up attacks!

Follow Up Attack: - (Optional) If you want your follow-up attacks in s separate macro.
#show Path of the Raptor
cast Path of the Hurricane
cast Path of Raptor
cast Rising Waterfall

#show Strike Like Iron
cast Strike Like Iron
cast Shifting Blades
cast Reaping Harvest
cast Path of the Tempest(Optional) Range finisher!

#show Path of the Hurricane
cast Path of the Hurricane
cast Path of the Wind
cast Path of the Raptor

Gap Closer:
#show Bull Rush
cast Bull Rush
cast Thread the Trees

NOTE! You can only have one "Way of the" from the Paragon tree active at a time!
-Way of the Mountain, is a fallow up attack damage booster! (30% damage boost to fallow up Attacks!
-Way of the Wind is a an elemental(Air) damage bonus!

Buffs! I prefer Way of the Wind for the elemental damage DPS increase!
- Way of the Wind or Way of the Mountain
- Slayers Bearing
- Storm Blade
- Focus of Strength or Focus of Body


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