Ultimate Doom: Dan & Dave 1.1 UV max in 3:53 and UV speed in 1:51





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Published on Mar 21, 2014

WAD Title: Dan & Dave 1.1
Filename: DD11D1.WAD (in dmdd.zip)
Level(s): E1M1
Author: Dan Lovett
Year: 1994
URL: http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/inde...

Demo Category: UV max (100% Kills and Secrets; "Ultra-Violence" skill) and UV speed (just exit the level; "Ultra-Violence" skill)
Time: 3:53 (UV max); 1:51 (UV speed; starts at 4:06)
Player: Eric "The Green Herring" Baker
Recorded With: Ultimate Doom.exe v1.9
Recorded On: October 29, 2012 (both)
Video Recorded With: DOSBox 0.74

Demo Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6...

It's another 1994 level, but this time, it's one of a few WADs that were based on the MINE1.WAD example level included with Geoff Allan's DoomEd 2.60b. Not much has changed dramatically from the original, barebones structure, not even texturing, except for new areas to the east and west that are required to win. The gameplay, as you might expect, is less than impressive. For one thing, getting one of the keys requires you to find not just two unmarked secret doors, but also an unmarked elevator! There's also, as usual, too much cell ammo, so once you get the plasma rifle, you can basically spray everything with impunity. It's a level you could play once, and then completely forget about.

Not me, though; as I played this for my idgames/levels/doom/ campaign, I have to speedrun it. Maxing it is not all that hard to do, and there's not much to say about it. The fastest way to dispatch the early baron is by getting both sets of barrels to explode next to him, with his body stopping one set from blowing up the other, but naturally, I messed that up. It's also recommended that when you deal with the lost souls, you fire rockets into the exit out of their tunnel as you're riding the elevator, so as to reduce the effort needed to blast through it. Following this, you need to fire a rocket into the wall of the room you will jump into, so as to kill the lost souls below with the infinite vertical range of explosions. Finally, the cyberdemon can be used effectively to clear out whoever among his cohorts isn't slain by barrels while you fight him. I get him to target me primarily, so the other enemies get into infighting with him without him fighting back.

Previous exits included 4:06 and 4:02. The first exit took half an hour, the second came an hour and three minutes afterward, and the last exit came 53 minutes later. I stopped there, as the included demo beat my target time of 4:00. All in all, it took 2 hours and 26 mnutes to accomplish, not counting the unrecorded training I did prior to performing this demo. There's a moment of shockingly good luck near the start when the blockmap bug causes my shot to fly harmlessly through a zombie—and hits a barrel that kills him and his allies anyway. The four alcoves near the start open only when you cross a linedef in the middle of the stairs down to the red key, so I wound up saving them for last. Overall, it is a decent demo, but it could use improvement, such as not letting one trio of barrels near the red key blow up the other so that the baron can be killed faster.

The UV speed demo, meanwhile, was recorded just to show that it's possible. It is not, however, easy; there are a lot of narrow corridors in this level, filled with enemies who often must be killed to get through, and at one point, you'll need to slip past 62-wide cacodemons in a 112-wide space, which is more luck-based than it sounds. Unlike the other demo, I had bad luck at the start and the blockmap bug made me miss an enemy at that spot. My target time was 2:00 or less, though, so it worked out better than I expected. It is definitely improvable, though.

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