Heartbeat - Jemi Story - S2 Episode 7





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Published on Jul 27, 2012

Episode 7

"Gram, this is Demi, my girlfriend." Joe says with a small, his hand placed on my lower back. She smiles warmly at me.

"It's great to meet you Demi." She says. "You can call me Lydia, but you may call me Grandma or Gram if you wish, dear." She says sweetly. I smile politely and nod. "This is my husband, Frank, also Joe's grandfather."

"Hello, Demi." He says, his voice is a little bit scratchy. Total Hollywood style Grandpa right here. I shake his extended wrinkled hand. "Well, let's not just stand here, let's get some food."

Denise then says, "I have snacks on the table. The pizza should arrive shortly." As if on queue the doorbell rang. "Oh! That must be the pizza!" Denise went and answered the door. The smell of delicious Pizza filled my nostrils. Thank God. I suddenly had a familiar flash back from a few months ago.


"Babe, Pizza is here!" I hear Joe yell. I walk into the kitchen and see he's got the two boxes of Pizza's that we plan to demolish set on the table. I sit down and Joe opens the first box of Pizza. Joe lets out a small laugh and points to the white object in the box that looks an awful lot like a table, hence the whole point of this conversation that starts, "Look, they put a mini table in the Pizza! How cute is that."

"Uh, Joe, that's not a table, that's too support the top part of the box so it doesn't touch the Pizza." I say. Joe shakes his head.

"No. Demi. It's a mini table."

"No, Joe, it's not."

"Demi, it's a fucking mini table!" Joe argues in a matter-of-fact tone. I roll my eyes and we begin to have a debate on whether it's a mini table or not.


"You alright?" I hear Joe ask. I look at him and realize everyone has gotten their pizza but me. I shake off the funny memory. I smile and nod. He gives my back a gentle rub and then I grab a piece of Pizza and put it on my plate. The family immediately gets carried away into a random conversation. I have to admit, Joe's grandparent's are pretty funny. Funnier than I expected them to be.

I begin to eat my Pizza, the scent was mouth watering, but it was even better when the food hit my taste buds. Boy, do I love Hawaiian Pizza.

"I swear to God, you'll never meet more of a dysfunctional family than this." Danielle whispers to me. I look at her and laugh. I find that to be true. Not being rude but this family is pretty silly.

"So, How did you two meet?" Lydia asks with a smile.

"Oh, we met at her family reunion." Joe said nonchalantly as he picked at the cheese on his Pizza that was obviously pissing him off somehow.

"Oh, how nice. So you've met her family already?" Lydia asks, smiling. I have to say, she's very pretty for a grandmother with wrinkles. Joe nods.

"Yep, and boy, are they a handful." He says and they laugh. I shake my head.

"Please, nobody is more of handful than you are." I mumble. I didn't mean for anyone to hear that but apparently they all heard it because they burst out laugh, besides Joe. He just scoffed at me playfully.




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