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Uploaded on Jun 27, 2011

Armadyl guide uploaded! Thanks for the thumbs up, love you guys,

Ultimate guide for soloing bandos for low medium and high levels! in 1080p hd and commentary!

Comment what you want for the next (solo) boss guide!
Arma: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB4Hyo...

[ - ] ---------------- Downgrade list ----------------
x Helm: Torva helm - Veracs helm - Torag/Guthan/Dharok helm - Neitiznot - Fighter hat
x Plate: Torva plate - Pernix top - Karils top - Armadyl plate - lvl 70+ d hide body
x Legs: Torva legs - Bandos tassets - verac skirt - dharok/torag/guthan legs - dragon legs
x Weapon:: Chaotic rapier - Chaotic longsword - Chaotic maul** - Armadyl Godsword - Bandos/Sara godsword - Abyssal whip - Saradomin sword
x Spec: Claws - Ags - Bgs/SGS - Dragon Halberd - Ehanced excalibur - dds
x Shield: Divine - Elysian - Dragonfire shield - Chaotic kiteshield - Spectral - dragon defender
x Amulet: Fury - Glory - Strength amulet
x Cape: Completionist - Max - Soulwars (only long trips) - Firecape - Ardougne cape (4) - Skillcape
x Gloves: Best RFD gloves you can get
x Ring: Berserker ring (i) - Onyx ring (i) - Dragonstone ring (i) - Diamond ring (i) - Berserker ring - Warrior ring - Ring of wealth
x Boots: Dragon boots - Rune boots - Climbing boots
x Optional: Full dharok / Full void melee ( i recommend a good shield with that )

x Prayers:::: Turmoil - Piety - Ultimate strength
x Potions::::: Overload - Extreme pots - Super pots - Combat pot -
x Familiars:::: Yak+Uni - Yak only - Uni only - Steel titan - Tortoise - terrorbird

** = Chaotic maul, only if u dont have a div/ely/cks/dfs


- Chaotic Rapier or Chaotic longsword?
Both work really well, they're near equal, technically CLS should be better since Graardor is weak to slash

- My stats don't meet your requirements, can I still solo?
Probably, but checkout what happend to me at 4:18

- Where can i get a better grave?
Keldagrim, east side of the town (after between a rock and a giant dwarf quest)

- I never get an empty world, what can i do?
Try not to solo on weekends, teams will be out - go throughout the weeks

- Is range or mage good to use here?
not really when soloing, use melee.

- How many kills can u get with torva?
Im guessing about 100

- You can drink an overload then logout to prevent damage!
I know, but im guessing its glitching so im not gonna recommend that.

ill add more Faqs by reading the comments (yes i READ all of them)

Bandos Solo Guide 2011 with commentary and multiple setups - by bonbloc (HD)

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