➜ Assassins Creed Revelations - Walkthrough Part 1 [A NARROW ESCAPE] The Beginning - W/Lewis





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Published on May 18, 2012

See the full Assassins Creed Revelations Walkthrough here: http://goo.gl/Gu7px

➜ Assassin's Creed Revelations -- Part 1▼
In this Episode of Assassin's Creed Revelations, Present-day protagonist Desmond Miles has fallen into a coma from the events of the previous game. To save Desmond's mind, he is placed in a specialized area of the Animus called the Black Room. Upon awakening inside the Animus, in a location called Animus Island, he meets the consciousness of Subject Sixteen, who occupied the Animus before him. Sixteen explains that Desmond's mind is broken, and the only way for him to repair it is to play through his ancestors' stories until there is nothing left for them to show Desmond, at which point the Animus can separate Desmond from Ezio and Altaïr, and awaken Desmond from his coma.

=-=-=-=-= Director =-=-=-=-=
Lewis: http://goo.gl/uXGHm
Twitter: http://goo.gl/pZmCa

► Assassin's Creed: Revelations▼

Desmond enters Animus Island's memory portal, which places him back in the perspective of Ezio Auditore. Ezio has traveled to the former Assassin's fortress in Masyaf to unlock secrets Altaïr had previously discovered, and find the true purpose of the Assassins. Upon arriving, he finds Masyaf taken by the Templars, who mark him for death. Ezio escapes to the bowels of the castle, where he discovers the entrance to Altaïr's library. He learns that five disc-like ""keys"" are required to unlock the door; that the Templars have one underneath the Ottoman Sultan's palace; and the rest lie hidden in Constantinople, part of the Ottoman Empire. He travels there and is greeted by Yusuf Tazim, leader of the Turkish Assassin Order, and befriends a young student named Suleiman. Ezio learns that the keys were hidden in the city by Niccoló Polo. While searching for the old Polo trading post, Ezio encounters and befriends Sofia Sartor, a young Italian traveler and book collector, and eventually falls in love with her. Sofia helps Ezio discover the locations of the remaining keys, while keeping his intentions and position a secret from her.

Release Date ➜ November 29, 2011
Genre ➜ Action Adventure
Publisher ➜ Ubisoft
Developer ➜ Ubisoft Montreal

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