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Published on May 30, 2011

Reuploaded due to the old one not processing past 360p.
Oh, and I bet most of you came here to freak out about the length of this video. Just remember I am not responsible for any heart attacks from people who looked at the length and fainted.
Anyway, here's Spy Fox: Hold the Mustard, my least favorite Junior Arcade of all eight that were made. Why? Number one, it's way too slow and long. Two, it's BORRRRRRRRRRING! It makes Water Worries look half entertaining, and that's really saying something, considering I can't even die in that game. In this game, you control the M.E.S.S., and try to stop King Konglomerate from taking all of the ketchup. To do this, you have to shoot the robots trying to take the tomatoes. Their behavior depends on the world, but for the most part they try to make it to the ground, snatch a tomato and take it into space. you have to worry about fuel and your health, and if you die, you have to restart the whole level. Every other world has a boss at the end, but all you need to do is keep hitting their weak spot. If you wonder why my rate of fire slows down, it's because if you keep firing quickly, that happens. I should also mention that the higher up you go, gravity increases. It's very irritating when a fuel tank is put way up, because it's easy to crash and die in one hit from that. I'll go world-by-world here:
Training Grounds (Levels 1-5): I think this is self-explanatory.
Mediterranean Sea (Levels 6-13): Nothing special.
Mediterranean Farms (Levels 14-21): Still boring.
Air Escort to Cairo (Levels 22-29): Things change up here. Now the robots are already carrying tomatoes, and you have to kill them before they get back up. You can get extra points if you save the tomatoes.
Egypt (Levels 30-37): Things get boring again.
Passageway (Levels 38-45 and 54-61): This world is the longest world in the game, spanning 16 levels. You can find the secret passage to Atlantis (Levels 46-53), but at the time I didn't know it existed. I'll make an extra video showing it later. One thing that annoys me about this world is that hitting a wall can lead to one-hit-death, so you have to be extremely careful. On top of that, the robots are microscopic, and can easily lead you into a wall!
Yucatan Peninsula (Levels 62-69): This is where it gets tedious. The levels are now twice as long, and by this point you just want to know when it'll end.
Caribbean Sea (Levels 70-77): This goes back to the "Air Escort to Cairo" formula.
Florida Swamp Lands (Levels 78-85): Not much to say here.
Florida Space Station (Levels 86-93): Now we're talking! Enemies spawn at a high rate here, making the levels WAY quicker.
Outer Space (Levels 94-101): This is even better! All enemies spawn at once, making these levels go by even quicker! Why couldn't all the worlds be this way?
Because I have since started giving full opinions on each game I walkthrough, I'll do it here as well. As mentioned, this game is my least favorite Junior Arcade. The levels take way too long (most of them take about 4-5 minutes early on, and later ones can take 8 minutes!), and the pace is extremely slow. I wouldn't have minded so much if we had maybe 25 enemies in every level, but 50 is just over the top. Then we get to levels where they put 100...dear GOSH. The music is good, but it grates on your nerves after a while due to the fact you're forced to hear the same things for three hours. This was one time where it was a bad idea to make every theme sound alike. Usually it's not too big a deal (Super Mario World is a good example here), but because you have to be bored and listen to it really makes it annoying. Now, the soundtrack is not bad quality by any means at all - it's just grating after a while. Admittedly, they did take chances. They seem to have tried some basic 3D animation here (the "New Game" cut scene is a perfect example of this), and they did try to make it more plot-driven and add more variety between levels. Unfortunately, the repetition and the pace killed the whole game. It's just so excruciatingly monotonous that it killed all the enjoyment this game potentially had.

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