1. ASL

  2. Use of Hebrew definite article

  3. Difference between be- and ba- for Kat

  4. Fe and tsadi sofit for Kat

  5. Short explanation of Hebrew binyanim (for Kat)

  6. Shuk Carmel, Tel Aviv

  7. Tel Aviv University dorms

  8. Einstein Street, Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv

  9. ישראל היר איי קאם!!

  10. I folletti d'Islanda

  11. ANOTHER Challenge (Tadoku)

  12. Extremely boring ramble about my Farsi studies

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  14. Very useful Arabic website I found

  15. 6 week challenge!

  16. Music (video response to Moses)

  17. Book2 - Good resource for rare languages!

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  19. What do I think about the Teach Yourself series?

  20. Hippocrene books are awesome!

  21. Ticche tocche tà (კოდალა)

  22. Great website for typing in other languages!

  23. Me in the audience on the Israeli show "Hamakom HaAmiti"

  24. Short video in Georgian|| ჩემი პირველი ქართული ვიდეო

  25. Io posso parlare italiano!

  26. I suoni delle cose

  27. Hebrew joke for Hebrew learners. Can you understand it?

  28. Response to WannaBeNative333

  29. Interesting idea

  30. Hebrew resources (part 2)

  31. Hebrew resources (part 1)

  32. My trip to Italy (and some other places)

  33. Mi primer video en español!

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  35. My favorite Youtube polyglots (Part 1)

  36. עוד וידאו בעברית!/הטיול שלי בישראל

  37. Introduction in English

  38. Me speaking Hebrew || אני מדברת עברית

  39. Patataj - Zecchino d'Oro

  40. La mia Suisse

  41. Жора - Клеопатра Стратан Jora - Cleopatra Stratan

  42. In Bici in Città

  43. Il Cammello Con Tre Gobbe (con il testo)

  44. Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) - Enya (with lyrics)

  45. Il Gioco dell'Alfabeto (Alef Bet)

  46. Bo Kvar/Boombox (בוא כבר)

  47. אדוני-רוני סופרסטאר (עם המילים) Roni Superstar-Adoni