A Jonas Brothers Love Story Chapter 88





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Uploaded on Jan 4, 2009

**Last chapter, the girls got permission from their moms to go up to the boys' lake-side mountain house! They were on their way when we left them. Lets go see what they are up to!**

Kevin: *pulls into the driveway* Here we are!
Kat: WOW! It's so pretty!
Kevin: That's just the outside.
Kat: This is going to be the best few weeks with you guys ever!
Joe: *jumps out of the car and then turns to help Regina out*
Regina: *giggles as she takes Joe's hand* You're such a gentleman. *kisses his cheek*
Joe: *smiles and walks to the back of the car to help get all the bags out of the trunk*
Nick: *gets out and then turns to help Aly out, but she was already standing next to him*
Aly: Over here silly! *giggles when he spins around to find her and then she kisses him*
Nick: *kisses her back and then they both go to help get the bags out of the trunk too*

Kevin: *opens the door* There's four rooms upstairs and two rooms down here. And of course there's also the big couches if anyone prefers that to a bed.
Aly: ME TOO!
*they race each other up in order to get the best room*
Regina: *laughs* Everything is a competition between those two! *opens one of the bedroom doors downstairs and her mouth falls open* It's beautiful!
Joe: *peeks over her shoulder and chuckles* You found the only room in the house with blue walls. How am I not surprised?
Regina: *sticks her tongue out at him* I'm just amazing like that.
Joe: *puts his arms around her* Yes you are. *kisses her* I'll take that room *points to the other room on the ground floor*

Kat: *comes downstairs* I'm all unpacked!
Aly: *sitting on the couch* Only took you two hours!
Kat: I have a lot of stuff!
Kevin: *walks inside* Who wants to go water skiing? The boat is already there.
Regina: *jumps up* Let's go!
Aly: *bounces to her feet* Just give me a minute to get ready!
Kat: *runs back upstairs* I'll hurry!
*5 minutes later, they are all ready to go and they walk down to the lake to get into the boat*
Kevin: Who wants to go first?
Kat: *in a red bathing suit with orange flames* Can I?
Kevin: Sure.
*He drives the boat out to the middle of the lake and the girls help Kat get the waterskis on. Kat jumps into the water and Kevin starts the boat*
Kat: FASTER! FASTER!*Kevin kept going faster every time she asked and she was up. They went around the lake twice before she let go. On the second time around she had started to do tricks* That was so much fun! *climbs into the boat and hands the skis to Aly, who wanted to go next*
Aly: *in a dark blue bathing suit with dolphins all over it. Gets into the water and Kevin starts driving. She gets up within seconds and soon has Kevin going full speed. Before the first turn around the lake she was riding the wake from the boat and doing all sorts of tricks. Kevin stops the boat after two times around the lake* How was that? *giggles*
Nick: *helping Aly to get out of her skis* Wow. You were amazing.
Aly: *smiles* Thanks Nick. You going next?
Regina: *in a dark blue bathing suit with large flowers all over it* And then me!
Nick: *gets the skis on and Kevin brings him around the lake twice. He did lots of tricks and at the end he let go of the rope and did a flip*
Aly: *helping Nick back into the boat* That was AMAZING!
Regina: My turn!
Joe: *helps her into the skis* Good luck.
Regina: *gets up on her first try and went around twice. She did lots of tricks and halfway through the second time around she went off the wake and did a flip. She landed outside the wake and stayed on her feet and as Kevin turned, she flew back to the other side of the wake and did another flip before the boat stopped*
Joe: *helping Regina back into the boat* You're AMAZING! *gets the skis onto his own feet*
Regina: *helps him finish getting the skis on*
Aly: Show off.
Regina: *giggles* Maybe a little. *watches as Joe does tricks around the lake. He comes close to falling a few times, but he always gained his balance again. After two times around the lake, she went to the back of the boat to help him get in*
Kat: Kevin are you going to waterski?
Kevin: Somebody has to drive the boat.
Kat: *giggles and pulls out a boating license* My mom thought it would be a good idea for e to have this.
Kevin: *astonished* Well I guess I'll go then. *gets into the water with the skis and he does a bunch of tricks too. Kat stops after two times around the lake and then once Kevin is back in the boat, she drives back to get it back into their spot* That was fun! Lets go have lunch now! *they all walks up to the house*
???: *takes pictures of them walking together* I'll be getting that raise! *follows them*

**Well, what an exciting first day! They can all waterski, and they are all great.... but... who is following them? Read my next few chapters to find out! I hope you liekd this one... don't forget to read chapter 89!**


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