DIY gt2871r CHRA replace since cant rebuild 20th GTI





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Published on Feb 27, 2012

A quick slide show on the process how I rebuilt my gt2871r turbo well CHRA exchange and swap on my GTI
Direct link for thread: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread...)
Ok certain Garrett Turbos donot offer rebuild kits, only CHRA exchange programs are available. Buying a NEW CHRA can run you $900, with the exchange program you can save up to half that if CHRA qualifies. They mostly look for bent shaft or if someone tried replacing fan blades. Here is a link to distibuters that offer this Ball barring Exchange program, [url]http://www.turbobygarrett.com/turboby...[/url]
I used ATP for there services and my CHRA was accepted, an I had bent a few fan blades on exhaust side when removing CHRA from housing. When I did that I wasn't expecting it to qualify, but it did!

Ok well first off I have seen a few different methods on how to remove turbo. Some people remove front wheels and downpipe from exhaust to have extra room to work. I myself did not follow there directions.

Before I removed anything I look around engine bay to see what would be in my way what what would give me problems.
The way my gt2871r on ATP 3 manifold sits I have some room to work with without having to remove extra unneeded stuff and save me sometime.

My order I did things in:

Step 1. Locate anything in way that will need to be removed from above and below car.
Step 2. Sit down and think if you have time and money for project!
Step 3. Begin unbolting minor items to clean space, I started with intake and vacuum hoses. Work from top of motor first as it is Easyier to get at wail car is stil on ground.
Step 4. Jack up car and place wheel chuck behind rear wheels and place jack stands under car also (saying that since so cold outside floor jack will lose pressure and will drop slowly)
Step 5. From under car of above disconnect downpipe from turbo, then look for oil and coolant lines to turbo.
Step 6. Get a oil pan and somthimg to collect coolant because you are ready to drain it from car and turbo, I started with lower oil return line that connects to oil pan where it was lowest point to drain from, also do the same with coolant lines.
Step 7. Disconnect the 4 braided from turbo once liquids are removed.
Step 8. Start unbolting turbo from manifold, when I did this there was 1 nut I could get a wrench on because of housing was in way. This is where I ran into a problem I tried backing out the stud to be able to get turbo off. So I used a same size nut and tightened against original nut and tried backing out and ended up snapping stud off... But got turbo off!
I will come back to tapping out broken stud. Ok now u have turbo out of car.
Step 9. Start removing bolts holding compressor housing, and detach wastegate acuator.
Step 10. Ok here I ran in problem since didnt have good enough tool, I need to buy this "2 pc 16" :pic:snap ring CIRCLIP PLIER REMOVER INSTALLER" from eBay. I had similar ones but they were way to small. So once have right tool remove snap ring from house that connects to the small round ring on CHRA.
Step 11. Write down info from turbo name plate since u will need it for the exchange, also take note of the coolant and oil line to order new lines unless yours are fairly new, I would still recomend changing seals for lines atleast.
Step 12. Ok I had to heat exhaust housing with torch to loosen CHRA locking piece that keeps it in housing, this is where I bent my fins on the CHRA wiggling it out of housing.
Step 13. Contact one of the distributers that offer the ball bearing exchange program and ship out old CHRA, also there is a rubber ring on CHRA that you will need to save. I made the dumb mistake and left it on when i shipped it out, and had to order another O ring.
Step 14. No that i had CHRA getting inspected in CA provided by ATP, I decided to clean up exhaust housing, then had my farther use his works sandblaster to freshen it up a bit.
Step 15. Get Oil and Coolant lines matched up if you are installing new ones, which i am. I still waiting on the Oil return line and fittings since was planning on using old setup but this is what i found...


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