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Published on Aug 8, 2012

Barack Obama and Wayne Allyn Root both claim to be 1983 Columbia graduates. Obama's classmate Root can produce all the paperwork necessary to support his history. But, we are forced to accept Obama's college claims by faith.

So, why, after all these years, are Barry Soetero's records still sealed? Root asks some provocative questions. Is it possible that releasing Barry's, or should we say, Barack's records would prove that he attended Occidental College, and Columbia University as a foreign exchange student?

We know Obama was raised in Indonesia, and came to Hawaii after his mother abandoned him. Was young Barry told that foreign exchange students could receive scholarships and financial aid not available to Americans? Would release of those transcripts prove his foreign citizenship? And as a foreign citizen, he clearly is ineligible to remain in office as President of the United States.

This is serious. This is no game. We know that children play games. Even college age kids often enjoy playing hide and seek from their parents, or their parents' morals, during their college years. But Obama is a grown man now, and college was a long time ago. It's unusual for a grown man to play "hide and seek''--especially when that man is President of the United States.

But instead of releasing his college records once and for all to set the record straight, Obama shamelessly turned the tables, demanding Mitt Romney to release his tax returns. He and his political pawns have spent weeks now playing the game, desperately attempting to divert attention from the real documentation issue, all the while, playing the lapdog major media like a fiddle.

Time is ticking (clock sound with man counting..."One, Two, Three..." Barack Obama is counting on the fact that we won't discover his college records before this November's election. (Man counting..."Four") Yes, four years after Barack Obama's potentially embarrassing transcripts and other materials should have been made public, they remain sealed.

It's been said, "Donkey kicks me once, donkey's fault. Donkey kicks me twice, my fault." So are we just going to just sit there and keep getting kicked by donkeys? Or are we willing to do something about this immature and inexcusable game of Hide and Seek?

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Comments • 34

he never went to any college...
Obama...show us your cookie recipes!
USA - the only place where a presidential candidate's tax returns are more important than a frikkin BIRTH CERTIFICATE.
Obama is a fraud. Vote this administration out of public office.
Hwy? Southerner huh? Okay.
One needs to choose one's own battles, don't have time to fight them all. Most of those are just noises anyway, providing your statement is true. I don't have time to verify.
College transcripts are not public records. That goes for everybody, the President or anybody else. While we're on the topic, does anyone every wonder about Paul Ryan's transcripts. I would love to know if he is anywhere near as good as they claimed.
this is about where Obama was born. It's illegal for anyone but a Natural Born citizen to hold the office of the President of the United States of America. And based on the falsified document they presented, all the policies that are Anti-American and the way he bows to other countries, makes one wonder where his tue allegiance lies. Probably because he's not American and the "Dreams from His Father" include bringing America down. And he's trying.
im gop and i say lets see Romney's tax's.i will never vote for romney the con man.
You can't find an honest judge to look at Barry's SSN. You can't find anyone in the house or senate to look at the evidence of fraud and forgery uncovered by the MCSO, Az investigation. And you sure as hell can't find anyone in the corporate media to even look at those subjects. So the general public gets treated like mushrooms: kept in the dark and fed bullshit. check my vids 

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