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Published on Nov 5, 2011

SPOILERS for Supernatural (Season 4, 6 & 7) and Doctor Who (Season 5 & 6)!

+ This is partly a sequel to a previous SuperWho trailer I made a while ago! :P
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cakQqQ...


- I named the trailer SuperWho: Going Under cause the story of the trailer goes underneath the skin (inspired by what thinktwice1997 and her title suggestion) :P!

- Time-travelling idea inspired by DDFan96's plot suggestion! :P

++ I hope you like it! I had so much fun making this, lol! xD



- The story basically starts from when the Doctor, Amy, Rory, Dean, Sam and Bobby confront Castiel, now turned God. Castiel quickly is taken over by the Leviathan however.

-The Doctor is in pain because he has met one of these Leviathans before, ages ago during his time-travelling adventures. At one point he needed to consume one Leviathan out of seven heads in order to save a city from being torn apart. That's why he is in pain - because this Leviathan inside of the Doctor wants to take over his body now that it knows his other brothers can help it take down the Timelord.

- This Leviathan had influenced the Doctor on numerous occasions, causing him to go Dark!Doctor sometimes. (Hence S4's episode of "Family of Blood").

- Dean kills Amy because he thinks that Amy is a threat. He knows Amy is pregnant with a Time Lord child and thinks that Amy is harboring a Leviathan unknowingly. This is not true however. When he stabs her, he unknowingly stabs Sam as well because... Sam is Amy's future child. He had been stolen as a little baby and placed in a hunter's family by the Silence.

- When Sam gets stabbed however, he jumps to an alternate world where he is Amy and Rory's son from the beginning. He never had a brother called Dean nor was his name ever "Winchester." He is "Samuel Pond". A tear in the timeline was made when he was "killed" in the original world he lived in with Dean. It takes him three years to figure out a way to go back to the reality he knew, and during these moments he finds out that he wasn't exactly human per say...

- At one point, the Doctor meets Leviathan!Cas to confront him and help Cas, only to collapse cause the Leviathan inside of him is getting stronger. He calls out to Castiel for help, who is a ghost inside of his own human body - the Leviathan's prisoner and energy source. (Kind of like when demon's take over a human's body and keeps the soul just to torment them.)
The Leviathans tells the Doctor the only option he has of saving Castiel: by consuming the remainder of their brothers & sisters and taking them all into his Time Lord body. The Doctor there is a high risk of being completely taken over by these creatures but he does it any way to save the Angel.

- Sam is there to meet the Doctor after he consumes all of the Leviathans into his body... not to kill him, but to save him.




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