Speaker Pelosi justifies JAIL for not buying health insurance





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Uploaded on Nov 13, 2009

11-0-09 - During a press conference at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Nancy Pelosi skirted a surprise question, twice. The questions pertained to 5-year jail terms and $250,000 fines for those refusing to buy health insurance under her plan. However, she did say her plan was "fair".

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, was in Seattle on Monday, November 9, 2009 where she joined Democratic Reps. Jay Inslee, Jim McDermott and Norman Dicks in a tour of Swedish Medical Center. Pelosi's visit came less than 48 hours after the U.S. House of Representatives passed the massive and short-sighted "Affordable Health Care for America Act" bill by a very narrow margin, 220-215. Pelosi needed at least 218 votes for passage.

The closed door meetings and their partisan Democrat scheme worked despite the obvious will of the People as a Rasmussen poll found that 57% Americans opposed while only 41% approved government run health care. By all accounts, this bill should have died. However, the Stupak amendment revived it at the promise of removing funding for abortions, which we all know can be reversed later on. The Stupak amendment to HR 3962 was proposed and approved in the House of Representatives on November 7, 2009.

UPDATE: As of Dec 22nd 2009, public funding of abortion was added by language c0-sponsored by Sen. Murray (D-WA) & Sen. Boxer (D-WA. They lied...surprise, surprise, surprise. Even Obama later admitted, "there were some stray cat and dogs that got snuck in...that we were in the process of eliminating". This "stray dog" was "snuck in" several weeks AFTER they railroaded this unconstitutional law through.

Pelosi was recently asked another question that she could not answer. She was asked where in the Constitution does it give government the right to run health care. Her snarky answer was simply; are you serious, are you serious? Yes, we patriots are serious; just ask us what we think of more government intrusion in our lives, this being an egregious one that will snatch 1/6th of the US economy from the private sector and in total making government in charge of about half of the entire economy. The more this reckless government strays away from the guidelines set by our Founding Fathers, the less freedom we are left with.

Liberty will die and so will patients under this sort of health care reform. Like in Canada and much of socialist Europe, patients needlessly die waiting weeks or months for life saving surgeries. And in our case, Washington bureaucrats will make decisions for you and your doctor based on cost effective procedures. That is where rationing and cost savings will offset the massive fraud, waste and abuse that government is infamous for. It is a good thing that Congress, with their 240 millionaires, will be spared the rationed care they impose of the American public.

This legislation must be stopped at all expense, as the Senate will soon vote on it. Our Liberty and quality of health care depends on our success in stopping this reckless government and their radical and destructive agenda. Their narrow-minded approach to destroying the best health care on Earth only to reform it is based on deceptive tactics and exploitation of the American people. It must be done NOW, however not implemented until 2013. Therefore, the negative fallout will not play a role in possibly reelecting our leftist president.

*The same day that Pelosi ducked the jail question, President Obama also danced around a similar question posed by White House press staff Jake Tapper. Mr. Tapper also had to ask the question twice and met with a condescending, "I'm not sure that's the biggest question they're asking right now". The audio portion of the Obama interview follows the Pelosi press conference.

Please call, email, or visit your Senator and urge them to vote NO, before its too late! Once implemented this government plan, like all other entitlement programs, is permanent and will cost at least 3x the projections, totaling over $3 Trillion...of deficit spending!
Furthermore, they talk about "subsidies" and they really mean redistribution of wealth. Karl Marx said, "To each according to his need, from each according to his ability". The have some "moral" obligation to steal from those who are productive and distribute to those who don't produce much if any to society. This is not government's role, they think it's charity, but last time I checked charity was to be given, not taken by a rule by fear government with a "mandate". This health care "debate" is not about health or care, it's about CONTROL.

More details at this Seattle TEA party COMMUNITY ORGANIZER's blog:

Also, this press conference was not announced publicly. And the protest against Pelosi-care was organized with only 3-hours advance notice.


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