You Let Go 1/? ONE SHOT Justlena (Justin and Selena)





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Uploaded on Dec 22, 2011

Hey, I hope u guys like this ONE SHOT!!
As u all know all my series r somewat realted to my personal story, but this ONE SHOT will b the closest n most reacent thing that has happened. (to me) Sooo enjoy, n I am open for any tips or advices :)
Selena: Baby, please. Give me the laptop ur on the phone with Ryan!!
???:Nooo!! Is my turn.
Selena: But ur the phone!!! God Justin!!
Justin: I said noo Selena. Now stop buggin!!
Selena's POV:
I was arguing with my boyfriend of almost 4 yrs, we have been living together for 3 yrs. We have been through soo many and trust me those times were rough. I was the most hated girl in school, because I wass dating him, every girl in school wanted him. But there were these 2 girls that were just, hmmm I dnt know wat to call them, They were just soo fckng clingy. Even after we moved in together they tried to make my life miserable. I cnt complain I have the most amazing bf in world. He is caring, loving, and always finds a way to compliment me. We fight a lot, and when I mean a lot I mean A LOT!! It has been happening too much lately. He says that I am too lazy, but I always tell him that is his fault bcuz he has changed; which is true. I call him bi-polar. One min he is all smiles, n then suddenly mad. He gets mad at the smallest thing ever, nothing is good enough for him, everything I do is wrong. But then there r times where he brings me flowers, writes me letters, makes romatic dinners, and dates. He sounds bi-polar right? Anyways we were arguing bcuz I wanted to use the laptop, and he was using it n talking to his pal Ryan on the phone as well. He was not giving in, so I just got the brilliant idea of......

Selena: (turns off the wireless) ther ya go!!
Justin: Selena!!!!!!!!
Selena: Justin!!!
Justin: watever (gets out of the room)
Selena: U'll come back. I love u too.

Selena's POV:
Hahhahah I can b mean sometimes, but watever. I put the wireless back on, and went on the computer, little did Justin know that he was still on his facebook. I was like, ohh it problably signed him out since there was no internet, but heck let me check. So I clicked on profile n it went through, I was actually in Justin's facebook. Dnt get me wrong, I am not the type of girl that would be snooping around in her bf's bussiness. But for some reason I just had this feeling, Idk. But have u ever heard of a girl having a 6th sense?? Yep, u should trust it, is called instinct. I decided to go and take a look at his messages, I trust him with all my heart, but I just want to make sure. I know that he won't b cheating on me, he loves me too much. Anyways, I went to his mssgs to be more than surprised; he has actually been talking to those two girls that hated me back in high school. Those girls that almost broke us apart. And specially after he has been bugging me about me talking to my only guy friend that I have, he has been talking to them. Ughhh I got soo pissed!! I wanted to cry, but I wasn't gonna show him. The door soon opened, revealing a just showered Justin. He looked soo god damn sexy, with his toned body. Ohhhh shut it Selena. Soo I got the courage and spoke.

Selena: Nice mssg u have here from Caitlyn, and Jazmin.
Justin: huh?
Selena: Ohh nothing!! Ur just talking to my enemies. Ohh scratch that to our enemies. Did u 4get wat they did to us?? DId u?? U want me to refresh ur mind?
Justin: Sel--- Baby
Selena: Hmmmm
Justin: Listen, beuatiful. That means nothing, I dn't do that.
Selena: Ohhh yea?
Justin: I dnt. At my job my friends n I b bored, soo wat we do is that we go on each other's facebooks and start bothering our exes. Like to c if they have feelings, but mainly to laugh
Selena: Yeaa right!!
Justin: Baby, trust me. I have no done, or seen those girls since we graduated. I promise u that. I love u baby girl.
Selena: (sighs) Ok, watever. Say that to the couch.
Justin: Sel--
Selena: Couch!!!
Justin: I am---
Selena: Either that or water on ur side of the bed??
Justin: OK!! But hey dnt forget that I love u. N only u.


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