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Islam Miracle, Expanding Universe & Cosmic Web in the Quran. Islam for Dummies.

معجزات القرآن الكريم - معجزات الله تعالى
وَالسَّمَاء بَنَيْنَاهَا بِأَيْدٍ وَإِنَّا لَمُوسِعُونَ
وَالسَّمَاء ذَاتِ الْحُبُكِ

Today, we will be talking about scientific facts regarding the expansion and description of the universe, that were stated in the Quran 1400 years ago. It is important to point out that while it is not a science textbook, yet, the Quran mentions numerous scientific facts long before they were discovered.

FIRST, We will examine some scientific facts about the Universe, and compare them to the Quran 51:47.
whats amazing is that in the entire universe, nothing is more powerful than the colossal explosion that created it all: the Big Bang.
51:47 {And the heaven We Built (it) WITH MIGHT, }
A seething mass of energy smaller than an atom grew from nothing. Youre inside the big bang : the birth of our universe. A violent fireball of unimaginable heat. Only the minutest fraction of a second had passed, but all of this was puny compared to what was about to happen. Propelled by a new surge of internal energy, the universe suddenly entered an incredible period of inflation. It expanded a hundred trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion times.
51:47 {And the heaven We Built (it) WITH MIGHT, and We are indeed Expanding (it).}
Whatever the universe was at the very beginning, some 13.7 billion years ago, we think it was tiny, an infinitesimal nugget of space, and then something happened triggering the most colossal explosion in history. In a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a second, the universe grew from the size of that tiny point, to something billions of miles across. This colossal blast created everything. All the matter we see in the universe today
When you look out at the universe and look at the other distant galaxies, you see that they are all fleeing away from us, that they are all moving outward at huge velocities.
In summary, this verse correctly states 2 scientifically accurate facts about the universe:
the MIGHT with which the universe was created. { 51:47 And the heaven We Built (it) WITH MIGHT } and that the universe is still expanding. { 51:47 and We are indeed Expanding (it). }

We will examine the false claim that this verse refers to the sky or atmosphere and not to the universe.
Here is the false claim about the word Al Sama (51:47).
"We have built the heaven with might, and We it is Who make the vast extent (thereof)" Firstly this verse is not talking about the universe, it is talking about the sky.
As usual, this is simply another false claim, with no evidence whatsoever to support it. Quite the contrary, verse 7 of this same chapter uses the exact same term (Al Sama), and both of its interpretations clearly refer to the universe and not the sky.
51:7 first interpretation is: by the heaven, with (much) interweaving, and the sky cannot be said to be interwoven. Now, let's examine the Millennium Simulation (the largest ever simulation of the universe conducted by the Millennium Run project), to see if the universe can be described as interwoven at all. (51:7) { By the heaven with (its) interweaving } The universe does indeed appear extensively interwoven.
Now, let's move on to verse 51:7s second interpretation: by the heaven, with (many) pathways. Now, lets see if the universe is full of pathways. Mass is a term used to describe the energy and matter that objects contain. The larger the mass of an object, the greater its distortion of the space time fabric, the stronger the effects of gravity. Gravity is not really a force, its a fabric. Its a shape of space and time, and we just move along the curves of these shapes. In the act of doing so, takes what would otherwise be a straight line to you, and bends it into what you now describe as orbits, as trajectories, as pathways through the cosmos. The universe does indeed have an uncountable number of such pathways.
As a result, verse 51:7 confirms the correct context of Al Sama in 51:47, that the universe was built with might. Furthermore, another marvel of the Quran is that:
the formal dictionary meanings of the SINGLE word "Hubuk" 51:7, both provide amazingly precise and DIFFERENT scientific descriptions of (1) the interwoven appearance of the universe, as well as (2) the pathways of matter in space.


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