【OUTDATED】【未更新版】【Touhou Minecraft】 Gensokyo ~ The Second Dream [IN PROGRESS v1]





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Published on Feb 1, 2013

THIS VIDEO IS OUTDATED. Please check out the NEW VERSION at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqwBpM...

☯ Server IP: mc.yukkuricraft.net
☯ Forums: http://www.yukkuricraft.net
☯ Steam Group: http://bit.ly/U8i8ru
☯ Facebook Group: http://facebook.com/yukkuricraft
☯ Map download? マップデータダウンロード http://bit.ly/16fySRc



Q) What about the rest of Gensokyo?!
A) Check out the newer version of the video!

Q) Can I join the server? Is it whitelisted?
A) No whitelist! Feel free to join the server and community!

Q) How long did it take you guys to make this?
A) What you see in this video is the result of about two and a half months of work.

Q) What version is the server?
A) We're currently running 1.7.4

Hello everyone! Yukkuricraft here!
Today we'd like to present our Minecraft server that hosts a community effort in recreating Gensokyo from our beloved Touhou universe. All locations were built from scratch.

All credit for music goes to their respective authors.
0:00 [Wave] 第九楽章 Dawn of East End
2:26 [Wave] 第四楽章 Alice in
7:30 [Wave] 第三楽章 Timeless Mind
10:54 [Wave]Love-Colored Master Spark
14:22 [Wave] 第六楽章 Millenary Dream
15:27 [Wave] 亡我郷、反魂蝶、その華開花すること能わず
19:12 [dBu] Pure in Asia
21:02 [EastNewSound] 紅 6.0 Records(ver 0.1)
23:50 [TH:Rock] ジュウゴヤソウ
28:34 [EastNewSound] Song For Bird
30:46 [IRON ATTACK!] Killing Under A Scarlet Moon
34:16 [TAMUSIC][Ezel-Ash] ヴワル魔法図書館
37:54 [Dark PHOENiX] 神々が恋した幻想郷
40:59 [EastNewSound] Proof of River
45:42 [Innocent Key] Eroslon ~境界の理~ <instrumental>
48:01 [SOUND HOLIC] 四季映像 ~Legend of Xanadu

Video's long! We've got timecodes!

0:03 Hakurei Shrine 博霊神社
0:47 Area Behind Hakurei Shrine 神社の裏
1:03 Entrance to Makai 魔界の入り口
2:12 Forest of Magic 魔法の森
2:37 Mystia's Stand ミスティアの売り場
3:04 Alice's House アリスの家
4:17 Wriggle's House リグルの家
4:22 Bamboo Forest 迷いの竹林
5:18 Eientei 永遠亭
7:44 Mokou's Hut 妹紅の家
8:18 Mokou's Yakitori Stand 妹紅の焼き鳥屋
8:38 That River That Cuts Through Gensokyo 幻想卿の真ん中を通る名のない川
8:57 Weeping Willow Bridge
9:32 The Great Fairy Tree 三妖精の木
10:11 Marisa's House まりさの家
11:02 Mushroom Circle 菌環
11:23 The Radio Tower ラジオタワー
13:20 Road of Reconsideration 再思の道
14:09 Muenduka 無縁塚
14:31 Area Under Muenduka 無縁塚のした
15:12 Nethergate 白玉楼の入り口
16:04 Hakugyokurou 白玉楼
17:20 Hakugyokurou Gardens 白玉楼の庭
17:39 Saigyou Ayakashi Half-Bloom 西行妖
20:30 Human Village 人間の郷
21:37 Akyu's House 阿求の家
22:19 Schoolhouse 学校
24:10 Sunflower Field Central 太陽の畑
24:54 Lake of Blood 東方幻想郷からの池
25:26 Yuuka's Mansion 夢幻館
28:47 Palanquin 聖輦船
30:25 Cirno's Igloo チルノの家
30:41 Misty Lake 霧の湖
31:06 Scarlet Devil Mansion 紅魔館
31:16 Giant Mountains Surrounding SDM 紅魔館を囲む山
32:37 Scarlet Devil Toilets 紅魔館便所
33:26 Remi's Room レミの部屋
34:19 Clocktower 時計塔
35:04 That Stage From Hisoutensoku あの非想天則からのステージ
35:49 The Voile Library ヴワル魔法図書館
37:03 The Rocket レミロケット
39:10 Youkai Mountain River 妖怪の山の川
39:20 Autumnal Forest 静葉と穣子の森
39:48 Mountain Bridge and Waterfall 山橋と滝
40:10 Suwa Lake 諏訪湖
40:46 Moriya Shrine 守矢神社
41:07 Youkai Mountain 妖怪の山
41:39 Genbu Creek 玄武の沢
41:56 Genbu Marsh 玄武の沢
42:06 Genbu Ravine 玄武の沢(英語で良い翻訳が無くて^^;)
42:12 Kappa Village 河童の郷
43:29 Random Village マイクラの郷
43:54 Sanzu River 三途の川
45:22 Poltergeist Mansion 騒霊屋敷
48:50 Peony Field 永琳の庭
49:40 Komachi's Boat 小町のボート
49:55 Higan 彼岸


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