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Published on Nov 25, 2011

How to successfully Resist Police Intimidation and Defend Your Rights
OccupyTVNY on Nov 22, 2011

An intrepid journalist defends his first amendment rights against a series of attempts to intimidate him by NYPD officers.
Category: Rights Police How-to Cops police state Occupy Wall Street Stock Market Constitution 99% protest press civil liberties Yes Men Igor Vamos NYPD Free speech United States Constitution America

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Wow, on the thumbnail of this video, that cop looks just like an SS officer. I thought it was somekind of cosplay.
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Damon Manda
+ronald foster Its a point of view, we are far too god and lenient on our criminals which is why we have so many of them committing crime, and so many in jail as the numbers who commit crime are allowed to grow. And that is all due to people just like you and the other muppet who prefer the rights of people who commit crimes against others to be more important than the rights of the victims they prey on. and while there are people like you two miserable criminal loving do gooders around we will always have criminals and victims. You civil libertians usually change your tune if one of your own family gets raped or murdered though.
Karen Aguayo
+ronald foster Very well said, Ronald! I tend to get a bit carried away. But, I am glad that there is someone else on this thread who can see through his act. ;)
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Hammerhead Beer Reviews
That female copper was a clueless bitch. The male coppers weren't much smarter. They knew they had been out done by the journalist, but they had too much pride to back down and leave him alone. 
Traverse Tebow
yall are so stupid really he is standing right in the middle of the cops which obviously they are blocking something just stand back a little ignorant ass hole
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Traverse Tebow
+2xtreem4u lol
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ok im really starting to subscribe to the fact that its not the citizens but the cops who are in fact making their jobs harder!!!!!!!
 That female cop looks like a lesbo kapo , the kind that would patrol in female camps, dishing it out with her baton. Probably was abused as a child...
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IRRATIONAL??? How can it be "irrational" when society s masses have been bombarded by  mass media reports of homosexuals dying of an alleged sexually transmitted virus, when even the father of modern gaylib Harry Hay advocated paedophilia, and when prominent mediatic gays like Dan Savage promote obscenity and advocate killing all Republicans? You are clearly a bigot using semantics you don t even understand... Ah, and you googled up Weinberg after I gave you the name? What a "fine" point you are making! The term was promoted through porn publication Screw owned by one of Weinberg s dernaged buddies. I aid Weinberg coined it and I was right. Your post adds nothing but confused clutter from a dissociative sheep.
CP Method
+NamelessPoster Homophobia is a psychological term for the irrational hate, contempt, or fear of homosexuals.  Would you believe in it if a Lutheran coined the term?  BTW--Weinberg first used the term in his own book, "Society and the Healthy Homosexual".  So, you're wrong again.
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Shazzy Deal
standing ovation ...
adam v
nypd =fascist nazis they werent like this when i was a kid in the 70's and 80's. in fact we used to sit on the precinct steps when we were kids and play. now, i wouldnt allow my childrena nywhere near those nazi pigs. its allguilianis fault. he turned them into jack booted automotons
Those captains are way too smart lol.. way too experienced...about to retire in a few years to blow it all on beating some reporter lol..  
Krystal Larsen
+Tom Chorak havent you been paying attention?beating citizens is always an option for them.
Tom Chorak
That was never an option for them so your comment is null and void, just like the space in the ball on your shoulders. 
When did the police get so fucking fat?
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you better see the police in Russia, they are fatter
Plenty of fat ones in the NYPD, but not all, of course. I remember riding the subway to work one morning. We were above ground level at that time. The train doors were wide open, when suddenly I felt a light tremble in the train and the station as well. Right after that I saw this young guy running like a speed demon, and 20 seconds behind him was this very fat cop trying to catch up with him, huffing and puffing. The trembling got a little stronger as he tried to run and apprehend the guy. Then the door closed and we went on our way. Don't know if he ever caught the guy, but I doubt he ever did.  Another time I saw a very fat cop standing in the train. He was wearing a golden belt buckle with a big, fat face of a pig. He was so arrogant too. 
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F the police and their attempt to rob us of our first amendment rights
John Smith
You got a second use it shoot them.. Fucking Yankee wankers
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