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Uploaded on Oct 10, 2011

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The Ghostface Killer taunts Randy (Jamie Kennedy) from very close by...

A year after the monstrous success of 1996's neo-slasher flick Scream, director Wes Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson reunited for this follow-up. Since viewers last saw the characters, nosy newswoman Gale Weathers has written a sleazy best-selling book based on the events of the first film, a book that has been adapted into a Hollywood film called Stab, starring Tori Spelling as Sydney Prescott. The real Sydney (Neve Campbell) has since gone away to college in Cincinnati in hopes of leaving the horrific events of her past behind her. Unfortunately, at a showing of Stab, two college students are murdered in a fashion that is reminiscent of the slayings that took place back in Woodsboro. Suddenly, Sydney, her pal Randy (Jamie Kennedy), and dopy deputy Dewey (David Arquette) find themselves once again pursued by a ruthless masked killer. Among the other potential killers and victims are Sarah Michelle Gellar, Laurie Metcalf, and Liev Schreiber.

TM & © Miramax Films (1997)
Cast: Jamie Kennedy, Courteney Cox, Duane Martin, David Arquette
Director: Wes Craven
Producers: Daniel K. Arredondo, Cary Granat, Cathy Konrad, Daniel Lupi, Marianne Maddalena, Nicholas Mastandrea, Julie Plec, Richard Potter, Andrew Rona, Bob Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Williamson, Chadbyrne R. Dickens
Screenwriter: Kevin Williamson

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Comments • 490

I'm so pissed that Randy died! He's way smarter than that and there is no way in HELL that Mrs. Lomis had the body strength to pull Randy in the van. No... Dewey should have died
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Genuine//Imitations realistically she could especially since she got that mom strength combined with some psychopath strength lol
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Chris Peplinski
Randy's death was sad.
View all 3 replies
Ryan Skahan
Chris Peplinski yeah
Matthew Framarin
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Ben Covarrubias
This scene as a kid and still now disturbed me. The fact that you're getting stabbed to death in a van in public and there's nothing no one or you can do.
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lina smith
randy was always my favorite character
View all 3 replies
hugo martinez chavez
lina smith sñd dos. d!dwld r!rw!
Nansi Lujan
lina smith r
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The Disney Critic
"Stu was a pussy ass wet rag. And Billy Loomis? Billy Loomis, WAT DA FUK? Jesus!"
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Randy died with honor.
what a rat-looking, hormone repressed, mama's boy.
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I still call BS that Mrs Loomis was able to kill Randy like that.
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Willie Scott
damn you investigated this like a federal agent at a crime scene. back in the day i thought no way a woman could toss a man all over the place like that. You have some solid points, I can respect that.
wait wait??
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Johnny Awesome Bausal Productions
I can't believe Randy died since he survived in part 1 he should have survived in part 2 and been one of 3 survivors along with Dewey, Sidney, and Gale
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Merged Zamasu
Soon Or Late They Die...
Michael Clemons
+The Coldest Loner “Harsh Reality” and it was supposed to be his mom who pretended to kill him so people thought he died and the killer wouldn't go after him
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Shea Territo
I honestly wished he didn't die. He was one of my favorite characters from the Scream series. 
Samuel Shin
If there is something I can respect about the Scream franchise is that they killed the most popular character. It takes balls to do that, but I'm glad they did. I love Randy, but his death just made Scream 2 that much more unpredictable and immediately the stakes are much higher. They didn't play it safe. Props the Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven.
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Darnell Major
+Real As It Gets True but it would have seemed more like a desperate move for shock value versus something that would naturally work. That's like making Dewey the killer in 4 after spending so much time making him into a role model even if he was cartoonish. Mrs Loomis being the killer was just as shocking because you would have never suspected that a NOSY REPORTER would be the one behind all those murders. It was even more shocking when we learned who she was. That's genius to make a character that we've seen very little of surprise us as the killer.
It would be so shocking and unpredictable. Nobody and I mean nobody would suspect it
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I was pissed when my boy Jamie died!
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Nevaeh green
that is just cold that Randy died
iChompYouChomp Garchomp
+Yan Ming Liang :O The right quote is scary movie, not movies! :D But to awnser that, Sorority Row, Scream 4, Zombieland and Orphan.
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