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Uploaded on May 30, 2011

http://SupremeMasterTV.com -- To Live a Balanced Life in this World and Heaven - P2/3 May 22,1993 Tokyo, Japan (In Japanese). Episode: 1661, Air Date: 2 April 2011. Script
Actually,Heaven is within ourselves; all,the most intelligent source,are within ourselves. If only we take time to turn inward daily sometimes,then we will find this highest quality,and then our life will become truly happy,because we can solve many problems in a better way,and we don't have to work so hard but we achieve the higher result or the best result,because we make use of our wisdom which is already within ourselves.

Why do,sometimes,we find ourselves wanting this thing or wanting that thing?It is because deep within the recess of ourselves we have all these already planned to us. But why sometimes we are not successful with our wish?Because we don't reach deep enough in this treasure to find what we want and what is our right to have.

Therefore,even though our subconscious told us that we should have this richness,we should have this success,we should have this and that and other things more glorious,but our brain has no power to achieve it for us.

Because as you see,our brain is dictating everything in our daily activities,and now if the brain only picks up these surrounding information as I have told you,how can it achieve something above these things,above this information,above these abilities that it has picked up every day?

The Japanese people have been more successful than other people in Asia or in the world,because at one time the Japanese have learned some higher information,some better way to preserve,to improve,their country's economic and security.

Because Japan was put into a position in which all the people in the nation must unite together and listen to that wise advice of a few persons at that time. Now that proves whatever the brain is taught,it will give out the effect. Now,suppose we have not had these few wise persons in your government at that time,and that your nation had not been forced into this circumstance,Japan probably would not have been the way it is today.

Even though we have intelligence,the brain needs to be taught. So the way of true happiness and success can be found only when we turn inside and go to a higher level of consciousness,pick up better information and use it in our daily life

Because as you see,doesn't matter how intelligent a race of people,doesn't matter how powerful a nation,every now and then we fail,we come down economically,politically,and every other aspect.

Every of the best plans to rescue a nation or the world will work out only for a certain period of time,a certain number of years,and then it fails because the situation changes,because whatever plans we make are according to what we have picked up from the situation and from the environment,and we work accordingly.

Therefore,even though we are still very diligent or our technical equipment are still the best quality,our economy sinks sometimes. Because we use only limited information and then we can only have limited result. Therefore,the best politicians,the best economists,the best scientists are not always the best answer to the world.

So,in this period of world economical struggle,we should truly look into the resource of our salvation where lies the answer what to do now? We can not blame ourselves for not working hard enough,we can not blame ourselves for our flawless equipment,we can not blame ourselves for our economical talent. But where do we fail then?

And it's not the first time that one nation or another fails,but it is many times,repeatedly,and it has not happened to one country but it happens to many countries,to any country,despite the best effort,the best people,and the best brain of the nation.

So I suggest the answer is,maybe,we are not very balanced in our life. We are always forced to look into the immediate solution and forget the long term effect. Now,every one of us knows that our brain has not been used completely - even our capability,our brain,has been used only some percent.

So why don't we try to use the rest?We use only about 10%of the brain. Now what can we do with another 90%?So,we have a solution,we have a way to use the rest of the brain power,and that we can measure very fast - after a few weeks,after a few months - that we have truly progressed,that we are truly in touch with the rest of our brain power.

And that's the method that we would like to offer you,and free of charge,free of every obligation. That is,you have the obligation to improve yourself,that's the only obligation.

We have proved this to ourselves,that it is successful. Millions of people around the world have proved it to themselves,so it's definitely successful. Now I would like to offer this to


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