Office Attractions; Seven





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Published on May 22, 2011

Selena Gomez - Alexandra Monroe - 22
Nick Jonas - Nathaniel Black - 23
Chelsea Staub - Stella Patrice - 25
Mr. Jonas - Mr. Black - 51
Demi Lovato - Sonny Monroe - 24
Joe Jonas - Shane Grey - 24
Miley Cyrus - Destiny Monroe - 18


Alex was a nervous wreck all day. She jumped when the phone rang, and screamed when Nate came out of his office.

"Are you alright?" he asked after she had settled down.

"Yes, sorry. Just a bit jumpy."

"Can I get the week of files you were supposed to give up a very long time ago."

"Just have to print them out sir."

"You did them on your computer?" Nate asked in awe.

"Um, yeah? I hope you didn't expect me to do fifty pages by hand, did you?"

"Right, can I have them as soon as your done?"

"Um, sure. I'll bring them in."

"Thank you," he studied her one more time, then left into his office.

Alex had never typed so fast in her life. This was no joke. Her job was on the line. The elevator opened and in flew Sonny and Nicole. Nicole ran right past Alex into Nate's office while Sonny went into Shane's. Weird, she thought to herself.

Alex finished up all she was supposed to just as Nicole came out of the office.

"Alex, do you have the papers ready yet?" Alex handed them over and Nicole went back into the office.

Five minutes later, Alex heard laughter coming from inside the office which was highly strange.

She ignored it, and since she had nothing better to do, she logged on to the internet.


"Dad says he and Marcus are gonna try to come down to the office more often."

"Why?" Said Alex. They were all sitting eating dinner, (Shane was staying over again). Alex had made lasagna which Shane was wolfing down.

"Shane, slow down," Sonny reminded him, "The food isn't going to grow feet and walk away."

"Sorry," he said, slowing down. "Thanks for letting me stay here. Being alone in that big house was driving me insane. Do you know when was the last time I ate a home-cooked meal?"

"No," Alex answered.

"Neither do I!" he said.

"I still dont see why you'd rather stay here," Sonny said, "Its tiny compared to what you're used to. It bet your bathroom and bedroom is bigger than this entire apartment!"

"My bedroom actually," Shane replied grinning, which caused Sonny to groan, which in turn made him say, "What is the sense of being rich when you dont have anything to spend the money on?"

"Stop it! I dont mind you staying here. I almost got the sex thing down," Alex said, "let's get back to whats important. We were talking about your dad and Mr. Black visiting more often?"

"Well, my dad thinks its because the company is falling back. Mr. Black is only going because he's a pervert."

"Shane!" Sonny said, hitting him.

"Whats true is true. He knocked up Nate's last secretary, then refused to admit to it. The poor girl now cant get a job anywhere in this zip code."

"Oh my God!" Alex said, "what a jerk!"

"Yup," Shane agreed.

"Well, I dont believe it," said Sonny, getting up and clearing the dishes, "I think its just an office rumor made up by some jealous co-worker."

Alex followed her sister into the kitchen to help her with the dishes. Shane sat where he was for a little while, then went into the kitchen after them, picked up a dish, and began to dry it. Sonny looked at him in amazement.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Helping out. I gotta learn to wash dished since i'm going to be living here."

The plate that Alex was holding fell to the floor and broke into a million pieces. Shane and Sonny turn to face her in surprise.

"Are you guys for real?" She said.

"What do you mean?" This came from Sonny, confusion plastered all over her face.

"He is moving into this tiny apartment from a huge house with maids? Am I on track?" Alex asked and Shane nodded slowly, totally lost.

"How stupid can you guys get? Why cant we just move in with Shane instead?"

"Dont you think we thought of that?"

"Then why dont we?"

"Because there is a rule about dating your co-workers. If anyone finds out about us, Sonny would be fired."


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