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Published on Oct 31, 2012

Governor Christie on FOX Report: We Will Rebuild, 10-30-2012
(Transcript Below)

Shepard Smith: The New Jersey Governor says he's never seen anything like it. Governor Christie joins now from an operation center outside of Trenton. Governor good evening, the pictures are incredible, how are people along the Shore holding up?

Governor Christie: It's a devastating day Shep for the people of the Jersey Shore. I was able to travel there today by helicopter, landed in a couple of spots along the Shore, and what I saw was unthinkable. You know the place of my summer youth on the Jersey Shore, Seaside Heights where the TV show the Jersey Shore is filmed, the Seaside Heights boardwalk is gone Shep, it's gone. It's been washed into the ocean. I flew over it and I saw a rollercoaster and a log flume ride in the Atlantic Ocean. It's just extraordinary. I saw homes washed down streets, streets with 5 and 6 feet of water, completely impassable. Homes in the middle of state highways that have been washed off of their foundations. It is the power of this storm surge is not to be believed, until you actually see it. And Unfortunately for me I got to see it today. Happened in a state that I was born and raised and it's a sad day for the people of New Jersey.

Shepard Smith: Jersey folks are tough governor, but you live through an event like that and you come out strong for it and then you look around and the place with memories is gone. And I just wonder if you're ready to handle the mental part of this with so many up and down the coast?

Governor Christie: That's part of the reason to go there today Shep. I gave out a lot of hugs today on the Jersey Shore and a lot of tears were shared with me today for that very reason because we will rebuild. We are a tough no-nonsense group of people in this state, you know that, so we will rebuild. But for folks like me and my generation it will never be the same. The places that we knew growing up and that we now have the opportunity to take our children to, the thing that really weaves the fabric of your life in a state, many of those things are now gone and they'll be replaced but they won't be the same. Now we've got to bear up and deal with it because this is the hand that we have been dealt but it is certainly a harsh and difficult hand that we've been dealt by nature in the last 48 hours.

Shepard Smith: It is and aside from all the homes and such, the transit system is a real mess. I watched the video of water flowing into stations in Hoboken and Jersey City. How are you going to get that up and running in and more importantly when?

Governor Christie: I think the PATH station where you talk about that picture that's made its way all around the internet of water flowing from the Hoboken PATH station, I think that the PATH system will probably be down for at least 7 days. You know salt water getting into that system wreaks havoc on it as you know. And New Jersey Transit has had many tracks washed away by the storm and so it is going to take us a little bit to get our transit system back up and running but it will get there. But it will take a little while. We won't have a lot of mass transit in New Jersey for the next week.

Shepard Smith: Are you getting what you need from the federal government?

Governor Christie: We are. So far the President has expedited our major disaster declaration without the normal red tape and paper work he did it on the phone with me last night at midnight personally. He has been involved, as has Craig Fugate in FEMA, they have been involved here in our Operation Center right from the beginning so right now I have nothing but praise for the way the Administration has handled that and coordinated with us at the state level.

Shepard Smith: It has been observed repeatedly that you have clearly put politics aside on this matter and I wonder if that's something for us all to think about when times are this tough and issues are so big and we're talking about people, and children and lives, to put that mess away.

Governor Christie: Shep listen, I wouldn't stand for anything else. I mean we're talking about the livelihood of the people of my state, this is the oath I took and I quite frankly don't care about the election at this moment. I've got lives to protect and rebuild in my state. And if the President of the United States does a good job, I will praise him, and if he does a bad job I will criticize him. But he has done a good job in the last few days for New Jersey and so he deserves and has earned my praise and he will get it regardless of what the calendar says because this is much more important than politics this is the lives of the people of my state, the place where I was born and raised and I am not going to put politics ahead of that ever.

Shepard Smith: The days ahead are cold and difficult up and down that beautiful shore. Governor all the best to you and yours, thank you..."


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