a JB love story ep.33 [Black Hole]





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Uploaded on Apr 1, 2008

Song: Black Hole- Lindsay Lohan.
Album: A Little More Personal (Raw).

A couple days after Jennas gone. At Kayla's house.

Laura: Its so lonley without Jenna around.
Kayla: I know I really miss here.
Laura: Me too.
Kayla: So how have things been going on with you and Nick?
Laura: Okay I guess. Things have been pretty mellow lately.
Kayla: Oh really?
Laura: Yeah. Sometimes I wonder if he still likes me or if hes gotten tired of me.
Kayla: I think your just imageing things.
Laura: Yeah your probably right. What about you and Joe?
Kayla: Were trying the whole 'friends' thing.
Laura: Oh yeah hows that working?
Kayla: Its not I don't want to be just his friend... I want more.
Laura: Have you told him that?
Kayla: No i'm afriad i'll get regected.
Laura: Maybe it'd be better if you told him.
Kayla: Maybe I don't know.

Nick Called Laura to tell her to tell Jess & Kayla to go over to their house cuz they had some news to share.

Kevin: So we just found out today that were going on tour.
Jess: Thats great!
Nick: But were going to be gone for a long time.
Laura: How long?
Nick: It could be mouths.
Laura: Wow.
Joe: Yeah but I mean you guys could come to shows and stuff.
Kayla: Yeah I guess.

With Jess & Kevin.

Jess: Hey Kevin hows it going?
Kevin: Okay I guess I really miss Jenna I can't believe shes really gone.
Jess: I know it all happened so fast.
Kevin: Yeah. So I was wondering i'm not in the mood to be alone and I thought maybe you'd want to go to dinner with
Jess: Yeah sounds good. *Smiled.*

With Nick & Laura.

Laura: *On Nicks lap.* I can't believe your leaving me.
Nick: Don't worry we'll keep in touch you wont have time to miss me.
Laura: Yeah right. Your my everything I can't stay away from you for a day.
Nick: It'll be fine.
Laura: *That wasn't exactly what she wanted to hear.*
Nick: Do you want to go to the beach and watch the sunset with me?
Laura: Yeah sure.

With Joe & Kayla.

Joe: So looks like everyones going out do you want to stay back and watch a movie with me?
Kayla: Yeah sure. *Smiled excitedly*

With Laura & Nick. It was silent for a while and Laura wasn't going to be the one to break it she could feel something was wrong.
Finally Nick spoke up.

Nick: So um there was something I wanted to talk to you about.
Laura: Yeah? *Worried*
Nick: Well you know i'm gonna be gone for a long time...
Laura: Yeah...
Nick: I was thinking maybe we should... I don't know...
Laura: *she saw it coming* Break up? *her voice crakced on the last word*
Nick: Um not excatly break up but I don't know I just don't feel... the same anymore.
Laura: Oh.
Nick: I'm sorry Laura. I should probably leave. *he tried to hug her but she pushed him away.*
Laura: *She was left to cry by herslef on the empty beach*

With Joe & Kayla.

Kayla: *As soon as Joe put in the moive she felt and electric current corse through her body. She really wanted to
kiss him and she wondered if he could feel it too. She didn't even know what moive they were watching. She needed
to tell him how she felt. Now.*

What will happen? Does Nick really not care for Laura anymore? Will Jess and Kevin get together? And will Joe and
Kayla get together? Find out on the next ep. OF A Jonas Brothers Love Story. REMEMBER SUBSCRIBE COMMENT AND RATE!


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