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Published on Sep 5, 2011

the artist: http://www.youtube.com/themindofdre
(feat. BigPapiChulo: http://www.youtube.com/bigpapichulo1 )

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/toge...

Together to the Top - written by Andre (themindofdre)

We start coming together while forming a ill circle
Alliance of vocal lions, our will are made of iron
While eyeing the prize fighting defying all of the mainstream
Bullshit, started with my man Athene
Giving a thought like Inception, unity is the weapon
To pwn the scrub nubs, no baby, you want none
We, running the revolution, evolution of skill
Executing the losers, like Uma in Kill Bill
We're getting bigger than E Honda, eating a green Honda
A hard lifestyle like a concrete condom
Whatever you wanna call it we're never falling
Like summer turning to winter, we're the stake in the heart
The other are only splinters, standing and we deliver
We're one and the same regardless of who is bigger
Community in the making, it's you and me who are taking it
To another level while leaving the planet shaking
It's the latest, greatest edition
Of a plan in the making, the fans never waiting
Because we're now peers, maybe a deadly weapon
It took a couple of years to even reveal the lesson from
All over the planet we never stop
Never taking a breath, baby, cause maybe we're headed to the top
To the pinnacle never minimal tactics
Hear it inside my syllables, I'm giving you classics
Harassing the big wigs, while steadily laughing
Wreaking colossal havoc , we're the face of the masses
So raise your fist, and try to discover why
We formed a strong bond and never willing to die

Die harder, we're here so why bother
Being a troll holding us back, Athene fathered
The movement, never forget that Reece is included
Better with iPower plug it into your unit
While Swifty's schooling all of the WOW noobs
Just know that the cause is nothing without you
Better than an army, we're a nation of kings
Bringing down all the towers and attacking the things
Holding us back, struggle for a little bit of shine
We're a field of flowers huddled under a grey sky
No longer, together we're stronger
Like a paraplegic standing up with a walker
One voice, many faces combine
Becoming a single body creatively intertwined
No sub for sub, you suckers, we're so above it
We're doing it for the love, contribute and keep it coming
And give a shot to the little guy
If you enjoy what you see express it by just hitting like
Forget it I'm ready to bury the beef
Competing with everybody don't mean nothing to me
The meaning is really within the people
I'm heated defeating evil so even I'm feeling diesel and destined to be
A go getter forever I know better and clever
So no never whenever I'm joining the force
We're unstoppable, lighting like some rocket fuel
Taking boulders to dummies so we be rocking fools
Yeah, feel it, believe it we're leaving behind
All of the past, future ahead, I'm feeling divine
Turning our people into warriors, warriors into gods
Making our own fate in this circle of a façade
So fuck it, a battle cry, we're screaming to never stop
Remember the words, heard it , together to the top

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Edited and filmed by Reese015
http://www.twitter.com/Reese015 / http://www.youtube.com/Reese015

Tania, aka 'Hot Bitch':
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